I was hunting down options for a good Two-Wheel Tuesday post when I happened across this listing. The bike is a custom 1973 Honda CB750 that’s been given the cafe racer treatment. And it’s very well done. The overall style here is great, especially with the matte black chassis bits, white tank, and tartan seat. Oh, and the gold chain kicks ass. I’m a sucker for gold chains that stand out from black swingarm and shocks. But the asking price for this old Honda is a bit on the high side.

1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

The seller is asking for $16,999.

Here’s the ad:

1973 Honda cb750 cafe racer. Build is an homage to the iconic 1980’s Porsche 911 ‘Vanilla Sundae.’ Hand built in Los Angeles.

Website: www.formula750.com

If you had to that site (link here https://formula750.com/) you’ll find more lovely builds. And I’ve also found a video that was clearly shot during the photoshoot for the images on Craigslist and the website.

This bike is super rad. I’m not sure it’s $17,000 rad though, but I don’t have a lot of knowledge of the vintage custom bike market at the moment. What do you think? Overpriced, overstyled toy or clean machine worthy of the asking price… sound off below.

1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer