If you’re looking to get rid of an old car you got laying around, a Craiglist ad from Vancouver offers a foolproof way to increase your car’s value. We all know cars create more of a buzz when they’re “found” in a barn with some dust on them, and that buzz can get you more money on Bring a Trailer and a feature on YouTube. That’s where this Craiglist ad comes in…

What you get here, is original barn dust. Sprinkle liberally on car and instantly add $10-20,000 to the value of your heap parked in the garage or carport. For every 4 buckets you buy I will throw in the tire deflation kit at not extra cost. This completes the illusion , but wait, if you buy 6 or more buckets I will also give to you as a gift a story about an elderly person who used to own this car but passed away many years ago.

To take advantage of this incredible offer, check out the original posting here.
[Source: /r/cars]