For Sale: A Limousine Fit for Royalty


Suppose that you like Jaguars, but crave something a tad more exclusive. Well, have we got the car for you!

The now-defunct Daimler served as Jaguar’s glitzier stablemate, meant to chase after those who might otherwise find themselves ensconced in the rear seat of a Bentley or Rolls-Royce. The Double-Six was Daimler’s version of the XJ12, with ornate touches here and there, including the iconic fluted grille. It even has a V12, unlike those garden-variety cars built in Crewe. Of particular note about this example is the fact that it is a long wheelbase model, making it perfect for the company of diplomats and/or disreputable individuals.

At less than six thousand pound sterling, I’d say that this is quite a good deal. Have a look at it, and see if you feel the same. 

From the ad:

** Jaguar XJ Daimler Double Six LWB ** V12 ** 1974 **

Lavender Blue
Solid Paint
Dark Blue Leather
Rare Long Wheel Base
Stunning Condition
Long MOT & Taxed
Folder of Paperwork
Full Record of History
3 Owners From New
Full Working Order
Stunning Chrome
No Rust Problems
Old Historic Photos
All Original Keys
Starts First Time
Drives Super Smooth
Excellant Opportunity
Only 61K Genuine Recorded Miles
Must Be Seen! 

I could see myself in the back seat, puffing on a briar pipe while discussing politics with a diplomat.


[source: via Classic and Sports Car]

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19 responses to “For Sale: A Limousine Fit for Royalty”

  1. BiTurbo228 Avatar

    How tricky would it be to swap a 4.5l Daimler V8 into one of these, preferably a 6-cylinder? Not much objective reason, apart from a little more power and 50kg less weight.
    Would be cooler though.

    1. quijoteMike Avatar

      It has been done, but it’s a rare thing. Apart from lower weight the main difference is the c of g of engine is further behind the front axle line and lower. Makes a world of difference
      In the MkII Jag/Daimler the same body carried the alloy V8 in a Daimler and the lump of iron known as the Jag straight six, and the handling on the softer sprung Daimler was way better.
      My ideal Jag would be a Mk1 body, with Coombes modifications with a Daimler V8. I would be black balled from all clubs.
      On the original question how hard to do – complex engine mounts.
      I recomend taking a look here
      They have a good rep here in the UK

  2. Slow_Joe_Crow Avatar

    I'd go for that car, the color is unusual and attractive and when they work V12 Jaguars are wonderful.

  3. ThirdPedalGirl Avatar

    That blue is very pretty. And everything is better with wing mirrors, amirite?

  4. RahRahRecords Avatar

    "Starts First Time"….but will it start the next time?

  5. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    Not even if I was in the Lavender Hill Mob. Ten grand for an XJ12 with a clashing interior? Thank god it has all original keys and pimpin' pictures.

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      I thought that the dark blue went quite well with the Lavender, much better than tan or red or any other colours available-except black maybe.

  6. Alff Avatar

    A badge engineered Jaguar, taken upscale? What a crazy idea. It's almost like Ford took a Crown Victoria upscale and called it something else.

    1. Shant Jaltorossian Avatar
      Shant Jaltorossian

      This is no Grand Marquis, you scoundrel.

    1. scroggzilla Avatar

      We are The Borg. Resistance is futile.

    2. Kogashiwa Avatar

      That is … terrifying
      (and intriguing)

    3. Van_Sarockin Avatar

      R&T reviewed the XJ12 when it first came out. They claimed that a dime dropped at random anywhere in the engine bay would never reach the ground. An absolute infestation of pipes, hoses and lines.

    4. C³-Cool Cadillac Cat Avatar
      C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

      Yes, when I saw this originally, I had flashbacks to very early malaise smog control systems.

  7. stigshift Avatar

    I grew up outside of Baltimore. When we would go into the city, we would pass a lot of factories with miles of weird looking pipes and tubes going everywhere. I would rather rebuild one of those mysterious factories than change one spark plug on that Orwellian looking antichrist of an engine. Pretty car, though.

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      Four side draft carburetors outboard of the heads feeding 12 intakes inboard of the heads.
      Oh, and no one's been able to get the horn working so it won't pass inspection. Ere's yer screwhammer then, Best of luck to ya!

  8. AILEE Avatar

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