For Sale: A Gently Used 1991 Mazda Miata

00X0X_hM96CoKelhT_600x450 Ah, the Mazda Miata; small, cheap, fun, and generally harmless. In a way, it’s odd that this little car was ever considered worthy of being a race car. We all know, however, that these make excellent racers, and should be at the top of anyone’s list who is thinking about sports car racing. One of the most popular classes in SCCA is the Spec Miata (SM) class, and as the name implies, it’s a class full of Miatas. It’s a competitive, low-cost way to get some track experience, and as I mentioned, is one of the most popular classes in the SCCA. All that brings us to this, today’s Craigslist find, and I think this could be one of the best yet. While making my usual rounds through the For Sale section (I like to see what my truck is worth – it never hurts to look, right?), my eyes landed on “Spec Miata” and “race car”. I didn’t know much about Spec Miata, so I was curious to see just what a Spec Miata is and why it’s so special. After reading through the details of the ad, my eyes have been opened, and I see the light!   Details:

Spec Miata Race Car – $6000 (South Kitsap) 1991 Miata, most spec parts installed except for rule changes after 2010. Transmission has about 6 races on it, Mazda Comp Diff has about 6 races on it. Motor still has good compression, runs as fast down the straight as any other crate motor. Always ran Amsoil for all fluids. Needs a fender, front bumper and headlight cover, a guy ran into me at Portland in the chicane. Could be taken out for track days the way it is but a little bit ugly. Also needs a paint job, battery and some new tires. Other than that it is ready to race. $5500 is without the hard top, if you want the hard top then make me an offer on it. I also have tons of spares, 8 wheels and tires total, tires are old but some of them may be ok. It has been in my shop nice and warm and dry for a while, its will start right up. This car is not street legal just in case anyone wants a tuner car, this is not it. Respond to this posting with your email or phone number and I will be in touch. No time wasters please! Serious buyers who want to race only. This is a great way to get an inexpensive race car into a competitive group and have a chance of running good if you can drive it. To build this car yourself with the roll cage and all the pieces and mods would cost $15 – $20k. Pro built cars will cost $30 – $40k if not more.

00k0k_kOJsHF2jlLH_600x450 Let’s see what we have here: a Miata with a lot of miles, a replaced transmission, body damage, old tires, and won’t pass inspection. Usually we would steer clear of a car like this; but most 20-year old rattletrap Miatas can’t do this, can they? Overall, I have to think this is a pretty good price for a pretty good car. As I mentioned above, I have a much greater appreciation for Spec Miata (along with a little help from Bing) and would love nothing more than to take this down to Pacific International Raceway and throw this car around some corners. It probably won’t win on its first go-round, but it won’t be stuck at the back of the pack, either. Speaking of packs, I found an interesting quote from Road & Track magazine about Spec Miata: they said “Spec Miata is a cross between the chariot race from Ben Hur and 101 Dalmatians.” After learning more about this car and this series, I think it’s a pretty fair statement. What do you think of this gently used convertible? Is it worth the $6000 asking price? Let us know in the comments. Can’t get enough Spec Miata? Check out this race from last year. [youtube][/youtube] [ Source: Seattle Craigslist]

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