For Sale: A 1977 Panther Six – One of Only Two Produced

I spotted this over the weekend while surfing from site to site and I came across this little number over at RideLust. So I ask, is this the most controversial 70’s ride that you may have never known about? Friend of Hooniverse – Dustin Driver – wrote about this last week, and it seems that a UK Dealer is offering up this rare Panther Six, for £150,000, or about $220,000 at current exchange rates. The car is powered by a twin turbocharged 500 CID Cadillac V-8 lifted from the then current Eldorado. The Transaxle was also used and the entire drivetrain was placed behind the driver. For more details on this phenomenal automobile, check out the Dealer Listing at Kidston SA, located in Geneva. Oh look, there is also a video available for your viewing pleasure. Image Credits – Kidston SA

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