For Sale: 440HP AWD Honda Civic Sleeper

Civic sleeper

At one point I’ve owned the following vehicles: ’99 Honda CR-V EX AWD 5-speed, ’97 Honda Civic Hatchback, ‘94 Acura Integra GS-R. There were times when I would go into a daydream and configure the perfect little Honda. I would have Integra’s engine, CR-V’s driveline, all in the Civic body. Aside from some stock 15″ wheels it would like a dime-a-dozen Civic EX of the era.

Another version of my dream would have been an E46 BWM wagon in ZHP trim, and an M3 engine. Chances are that many of us had similar dreams for whatever cars we like best. Where some of us dream, others make things happen, such as the owner of this here Civic. Turbo charged B18C motor, crazy AWD setup, factory stock looks. Bravo, sir.

[Source: Honda-Tech Market Place | Thanks for the tip, Leo!]

sleeper civic engine

From the ad:

I am ready to sell my AWD 2000 honda civic… this is a very meticulous build, and no expense has been spared… please do not bother me with low ball offers or trades… i am very financially stable and do not need to sell… i really want someone that will appreciate this car for what it is, i feel like ive thought of every detail… with all of that said, lets get to the details… i bought the car wrecked, it was minor, but does have a GA rebuilt title… i literally put an upper radiator support, a/c condenser, hood, left fender, and front bumper cover on the car… everything was replaced with genuine honda parts, no aftermarket parts on the car at all… the front fenders, hood, front bumper and driver door were painted with dupont paint, and all painted off the car… no one ever expects the car was in a wreck, all body lines are perfect, the hood closes perfectly and the paint matches spot on, i even replaced the pin stripe…

this is a perfect sleeper, mildly lowered with full tokico suspension, 1.25” lowered springs and white adjustable struts… every bushing is energy suspension, S2 rear camber kit, custom traction bars with heims… si rims with toyo proxes 4 tires, stock brakes up front with larger CRV drums in the rear… manual steering rack…

engine specs… 440 WHP, tuned by scotty at mainstream performance, GSR block with type r head… the short block has been line honed, decked, and balanced the crank was turned 10/10, eagle rods, CP pistons, ACL bearings, ARP everything and moroso oil pan… all the seals, timing belt, head gasket, water pump are OEM honda… the head has stock valves, S2 valve springs and retainers, S2 cam gears, ITR cams, S2 intake with 70mm throttle body RC 700 injectors, AEM fuel rail and FPR… all ignition parts are recently replaced with all new OEM honda igniter, coil, cap, rotor and NGK plugs and wires… it has only ever had synthetic oil in it, and ive never had the valve cover off of it since installing it… there are about 14k miles on the engine… urethane inserts with billet torque mounts…

turbo specs… it has a full stainless top mount manifold with precision 6031 turbo, 59mm, tial 38mm wastegate that recirculates back into the exhaust system… custom backdoor intercooler with 2.5” piping, greddy BOV recirculates into the intake tube with a KN filter, all 3 layer silicone boots with premium clamps… the 3” downpipe, manifold and exhaust housing have all been ceramic coated inside and out… the exhaust is full 3” aluminum, mandrel bent, tig welded, with V-band clamps throughout… it has a magnaflow resonator and muffler on it… the downpipe is all stainless with a 3” flexpipe…

transmission specs… CRV transmission with LS 5th gear set… 3rd, 4th, 5th gears have syncrotech carbon synchos, 1st and 2nd are face plated by liberty transmission… there is a one off mfactory helical LSD in it… shift cables, shifter and shift box are all CRV modified parts, shorter height, shorter throw… the down side to the face plating is it requires double clutching when normal driving… under full throttle, you will NEVER miss 2nd gear or destroy synchos… stage 4 Competition Clutch set… DSS 3.9 axles with larger hubs and ARP wheel studs…

AWD specs… PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME ASKING HOW TO MAKE YOUR CAR AWD… the transfer case is bone stock, the drive shafts are from a suzuki samurai, using the same u joints as DSMs run and custom adapter flanges to mate the two together… there is a custom carrier bearing and everything bolts in as if were stock… the rear diff has had all of the oil actuating components removed and replaced with an ARB selectable air pump… basically, you can turn the AWD on when you want and otherwise its off… the rear axles are stock, the rear trailing arms are custom and the CRV hubs have been redrilled to 4×100…

electronics… pretty typical, S300 hondata, PWM boost solenoid, tunerveiw, pioneer radio, stock speakers… AEM methanol kit, warning lights wired into the stock dash cluster…

interior is absolutely mint, slight fading on the upper portion of the rear seats, but thats getting picky… stock floor mats… door panels, seats and visors are in near mint shape… dynamat silver stick down as well as S class mercedes padding under the rear seat… the rear diff is mounted in urethane and it was a little noticeable… the aluminum fuel cell has been relocated to the trunk, it still fills with the stock filler neck, there is no fuel smell in the car at all… the tank vents to the outside of the car… there is a walbro 255 in the tank and the sending unit still works fine… its slow to fill up, holds about 10 gallons… the car gets a solid 28mpg daily driving… overall, 9/10

exterior… overall its in excellent shape, there are two or three minor dings on the car… typical chips and scratches, but overall i would say 9/10

this is truly a unique car… no one expects it because it is full blown sleeper status… it runs consistent 7.60s in the ⅛ mile on hard street tires, just like i daily drive it… i only adjust the struts to full stiff, scuff the tires off in FWD and run it… the a/c works, power everything, 176,xxx miles, all warning lights operate and none are on… the engine harness has been converted to obd1 while the rest of the cars systems still function with the obd2 port… the engine bay has been smoothed and tucked, the battery is under the front bumper…

my build thread is here, it is very detailed and TONS of questions have been asked and answered there, please read through this thread first… the pics below are as the car sits today… it really frustrates me when people post for sale pics of a car when it was new or fresh… i have nothing to hide, the car is very fast and built to the highest standards… no cheap parts were used, i even bought nuts and bolts from honda… again, i dont mean to sound harsh, but i am not posting my number as a personal tech line for your AWD build… there is a reason you dont see many of these, much less ones that have stood the test of time… never smoked in, no pets ever ride in it…


$12,500 obo… no trades EXCEPT ONE… 2003-2006 E55 mercedes, black interior… i will put cash up for the right car… nothing else, an E55 will be my next car whether i sell this car or not… please dont embarrass yourself by lowballing me… there are 100s if not 1000s of very well thought out professional hours in this car… located in Columbus Ga… call only, no texts 706-681-XXXX, jimmy… I am on the east coast, please be respectful of the time when you call…

sleeper civic rear

This, to me, defines what a sleeper should be, there is a crappy dealer installed pin stripe on it. The owner even kept the EX badge and rear drum brakes. But even the drum brakes have been upgraded to larger CR-V units. Save for a radio and digital display, the interior is factory in EX trim. He even saved the air conditioning, which is usually the first thing to go in such swap. He did get rid of the power steering though.

sleeper civic interior

$12,500 is the asking price. Chances are that someone who would really want this car does not have that much money, which is a damn shame. I hope he manages to sell it without having to part it out, as is common with these types of sales. Yes, for that same money you could find a modified WRX that is similar in terms of performance, but what fun would that be? The buyer of this car will get his money worth in the satisfaction he’ll get in winning that first street race*.



*Street racing is bad, mkey?

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