ford falcon wagon

For Sale: 302-powered Ford Falcon Wagon is a classically cool longroof

This 1967 Ford Falcon wagon was the 3rd listing on a fresh page of Craigslist posts. That should be the sign of a good day. And this is a good car at a price that isn’t quite as crazy as everything else that’s been offered for sale as of late. The seller says they want $8,900. Not bad for a vintage wagon with a clean interior and 302 power under the hood.

ford falcon wagon engine

The Torque Thrust wheels look great against what I assume is the Wimbledon White paintwork. Inside, the red is a great color splash. Open the doors and it’s like stepping through into the land of Oz. Black and white give way. Color lives. And then turn the key and allow noise and fury to also bark to life.

ford falcon wagon interior

The car is posted for sale in Riverside, California. And yes if I didn’t have the Jag, I’d be tempted to go scoop this one up. Especially if I could negotiate down a little bit. But I don’t think this one will actually last that long. If the listing is still up, you can find it here.

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2 responses to “For Sale: 302-powered Ford Falcon Wagon is a classically cool longroof”

  1. Lokki Avatar

    Do it Jeff!!! Even if you pay full ticket – this is miles ahead of that mustang shell, and finished right, just as cool. Speaking of which adding A/C should be no big deal, after which you have an excellent daily driver family hauler. By the way, don’t most Mustang aftermarket parts fit this? Like Mustang bucket seats and console?Maybe even the dash?

    Man, Just do it. A great project car for the site and ergo a business expense!!!

    1. OA5599 Avatar

      “This posting has been deleted by its author.”

      Hopefully one of our readers took it home.