For Sale: 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300TD offered up on the cheap

W123 Wagon Yes… I still search Craigslist for Mercedes wagons. Yes, I still have my own Mercedes-Benz wagon. No, I don’t have an update on when it’s going to be finished. I can tell you though, that the $2,000 asking price of the one above is intoxicating low for such a car. The average W123 wagon trades for a surprisingly high amount of dollars. Even with high mileage, people know these are tanks built to survive the end times. It will be cockroaches and Benz wagons that live on into the next era on this planet. The ad reads:

Great running wagon. Needs vacuum lines repaired and some reconditioning. Car is complete! Even has the rear headrests. Daily driver. Salvage title.

Were it my “new” wagon, I’d swap out the rear suspension for a more simple spring setup, and then just cruise around as is for awhile. Eventually I’d want to add more power, so I’d probably go with something from the GM camp this time around… you know, so it actually gets done at some point. [Source: Craigslist]

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