For Literary Success, Know Your Audience

It'll go so nicely with my Roller Derby Girls Scratch 'N' Sniff Book.
It'll go so nicely with my Roller Derby Girls Scratch 'N' Sniff Book.

I stumbled across this book in a Chapters recently. One might think it was in the children’s section, or the “easy reading” section; no, it was in the “reference” section. I wish I were kidding, but it was sitting right beside an 800+ page book with a name like “A Comprehensive History of Formula One Racing.”
I’m sure there are a million more jokes that I’m missing, here, but you, our commenters, are far funnier than I am. Away you go!


  1. I like how the "pop up book" is entombed in plastic wrap, so you can't sit skew-legged on the floor, mouth agape, mind filling like a sponge from so much of the wondrous information contained inside.
    The overlords at Chapters are keeping their information close to the vest!
    Note to the reader: I'm pretty sure "Chapters" is canuckistani for "Borders", and may have something to do with the mysterious word "Indigo". It may be time for a cross-border fact-finding expedition for make benefit glorious Nascar Nation.

      1. DUDE! No shit, I have that book! I picked it up free from a library a few years ago who was having a book sale… they would have random stuff in a free box… I grabbed this quick like along with a book entitled "How to enjoy youe Boston Terrier"… no, I don't have a Boston Terrier, but who wouldn't need that addition to their library?

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