The Queen's English Car Show 2013 – a Day fit for a Queen


This past Sunday the perennially  72° and sunny Southern California weather turned out to be more befitting of the British Isles. That was a good thing however, and equally appropriate because Sunday also brought out the English cars in droves, all coming together for the annual Queen’s English Car Show and Jumble, held annually at Van Nuys’ bucolic Woodley Park.

This year’s event was quite possibly the most heavily attended in the show’s history, there being not just hundreds of cars on display, but copious numbers of each as well. More than two dozen Sunbeams vied with an almost equal number of Mogs for attention, while some of the most arcane and rare offerings from Great Britain surprised and delighted. When was the last time you saw a Peerless? How about a three-wheeled Bond Mark F, its single lung motor sitting atop its lone front wheel?

The depth and breadth of the cars on display was so great that Jay Leno needed to make two trips, first showing up in a gorgeous maroon coloured Bristol 403 coupe, and later in yet another toy from his massive collection. And while the show was exclusively a show of English class, I was lucky enough to top it off with a drive in a what could eventually be an American classic- a Tesla Model S p85. That car showed not only how far we’ve come from the likes of the Bond Commercial, but also an easy way to lose your fillings due to its neck-snapping acceleration.

Make the jump for a slide show of some of the show’s highlights, and if you are a Southern Californian who has never attended, you owe yourself to make the trek to the Valley for next year’s show.


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13 responses to “The Queen's English Car Show 2013 – a Day fit for a Queen”

  1. Jay_Ramey Avatar

    Wicked! Thanks for the coverage, nice to see such variety.
    Was Leno driving this Bristol 403?

    1. Robert Emslie Avatar
      Robert Emslie

      I don't think it was metallic. I'm not sure, he was just leaving as we arrived. Body style is the same.

  2. JayP2112 Avatar

    In Dallas, the All British Car Day is May 5 at White Rock Lake.
    Over the years they've started including all euro brands. Makes for an interesting afternoon.

  3. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    what precisely is going on under the transmission tunnel in the marcos, that thing is as wide as the seats! i've heard marcoses are very small cars in the flesh but that's a standard size radio from the look of it.

    1. Robert Emslie Avatar
      Robert Emslie

      The engine on the Mantula is the Rover (Buick) V8. It sits back fully behind the front axle centerline requiring the fat tunnel to fit. The funny thing is teh seats, the bottom squab is just about 2 inches of foam sitting directly on the fiberglass floorpan. Any sizable stone ricocheting under there could give you a nasty surprise.

      1. wunno sev Avatar
        wunno sev

        i'd ask why the hood's so damn long then, but looking at the plates for scale i see that the car is indeed minuscule.
        thanks for the deets! another day, another hooniverse lesson

  4. racer139 Avatar

    love that daimler 250. anyone know the output from its engine?

    1. scroggzilla Avatar

      140 hp, according to wikipedia.

  5. quijoteMike Avatar

    The Marcos had the engine set right back, so my guess i sthat its wide because of the trans – but I have looked in them and thought much the same.
    The Anglebox (Ford Anglia) with the 4GE is a nice device. I'll take it!

  6. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    The octagonal steering wheel in the MG made me smile. Oh, and I really want that Velocette.

  7. ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
    ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq

    Wasn't it raining last year, even worse too? There has to be something to that. Alright a steering wheel that means stop handbrakes on the UK side, love it! Also Chris… <img src="; width="500" height="375" alt="Untitled">

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      Yeah, I like this one too!

      1. ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq Avatar
        ˏ♂ˊ mzs zsm msz esq

        <img src="; width="500">And the white one is for sale! Rob, why'd you not say a word here?/a>