You get TWO Audis for the price of none today!

We’ve just gotten a look at both the updated 2020 Audi Q7 and 2020 Audi S4. Both vehicles have updated engines, revised front and rear styling, standard LED head and taillights, and upgraded safety tech. And both are still very good in their respective classes at what they do.

Of the two, our heart obviously lies with the S4. Not that these are competing against each other. But this current generation S4 is much improved over the last few goes for the sporty sedan. We initially drove the then-new S4 back in 2017 when it launched as a 2018 model. Those great driving dynamics are still all present. Now though, the car has an expanded suite of safety systems, refreshed looks to match the rest of the family, and better in-car tech.

[Disclaimer: Audi invited us to Palm Springs for the launch of both cars. We were given food, drinks, and a hotel room while out there.]