Subaru has created an affordable, fun, rear-wheel-drive sports car and you know it by the three letters BRZ. Sure, a number of folks would like a lot more power from the thing, but that’s not coming just yet.
For 2017, Subaru has updated a bit of the styling but they’ve also revised the suspension, relaxed the traction control, and are now offering an upgrade called the Performance Package.
Check that box on the order form and you’ll get Sachs dampers, an aluminum rear spoiler, and larger brakes.
Is it worth your money? We trekked all the way to a gorgeous racing circuit in Spain to find out.
[Disclaimer: Subaru put me on a long flight to Spain where there was a great hotel, amazing food, mediocre beer, and delicious wine. Also, we got a tour of the Alhambra, which is a must-visit spot on this planet.]