First Drive: 2017 Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar wants to sell more vehicles. The 2017 F-Pace is the one that will surely lead the way for the brand. Alongside the new XE, the F-Pace is set to bring more folks into Jaguar dealerships. In fact, there’s already a waiting list to get the sporty luxury crossover in its home country of England.
We settled in behind the wheel for a first impression of the F-Pace and sampled it along the curvy mountainous roads of Aspen, Colorado. It’s a dual-natured machine that is certainly most at home on the road, but just might surprise you when the tarmac gives way to dirt.
If you were thinking if getting the Range Rover Sport, perhaps you should pause and seriously consider the (better looking) Jaguar F-Pace…
[Disclaimer: Jaguar flew us to Aspen and put us up in a swanky hotel. There was food and booze consumed as well.]

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Jeff Glucker
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