Find Your Fury with this 1966 Plymouth Wagon

Sc1966 Plymouth Fury Wagon Wagon Wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week. It gives me a reason to open up a tab on my browser, and then flood said browser with many more Craigslist tabs. Each one has a different wagon waiting patiently to find a new owner. Today that wagon is a 1966 Plymouth Fury that could be a great daily-drivable project for a longroof lover out there. Here’s the text from the ad in case it disappears:

Up for sale is my 1966 Plymouth Fury III wagon. It has been a fun car to own, but priorities lie elsewhere currently. Tags are current and it can be driven daily (I often do, actually). Title in MY NAME – so no craziness at the DMV. 318 Polysphere motor 2bbl – Automatic. The good: Body is straight ALL exterior trim present and on car Reliable drivetrain (can drive daily) Electric rear window WORKS 3rd row bench seat IMMACULATE Over 99% Rust-Free (some VERY TINY spots can be found) Original Cert-Card still in engine compartment The not-as-good: One corner blinker out – all other exterior lighting works perfectly Paint is there and looks nice – but is a thin economy job Spare tire cover missing (inside car) Dash light all work EXCEPT for speedometer backlight The bad: Radio is missing Fan/Heat/AC non-functional Cabin light on roof is out One cam-lobe worn down so idle is rough (best to drop to neutral at stops to avoid stalling) The Ugly: Front and middle bench seats need upholstery (currently have seat covers on them) One small area of body/trim damage on passenger front fender (easy bang-out job really) The extras: Extra 318 Poly motor on stand ready for installation – w/ 2bbl intake ($500+ value!) Extra 4bbl Poly Intake Manifold ($400+ value!) Extra NEW 4bbl Edelbrock 600cmf carb ($300+ value!) Extra NEW heater motor ($30+ value!) So, over $1000.00 in extra goodies that can be installed or re-sold. Only asking $4000 obo! Please feel free to come by and check it out and/or take it for a spin.

That’s a whole lot of extra gear added in there. A few weekends of mild wrenching on this thing and it will be an excellent cruiser. Someone go buy it so I can stop figuring out how to convince my neighbor they don’t need to use their garage, and should let me have more space. [Source: Craigslist]

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One response to “Find Your Fury with this 1966 Plymouth Wagon”

  1. Steve Parker Avatar
    Steve Parker

    Is it for sale and where is it ?

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