Fifteen Things That You, the Hooniverse Reader, Probably Did In Fact Know About Evel Kinevel

The patron saint of Two-Wheeled Tuesdays.

This cool infographic comes via Primer Magazine, “the weekly magazine for guys who want to be better men,” and there’s no finer place to start than the inspiration of an entire generation of hoons. Did you know Evel Kinevel inspired the Happy Days “jump the shark” episode when he attempted to ride over a tank of live sharks, as part of a promotion for the movie Jaws? Or that he inspired a rock opera? But you probably knew that already. Click through for the full infographic.

[via Primer Magazine,]


  1. In spite of all the truths about Evel Knievel's bad-assery, the fantastic bravery that went with that bad-assery makes him remain a hero to me.

  2. It should be pointed out that most of his jumps were done on a freakin Harley. Robbie sensibly uses dirt bikes. So while you could say all of Evel's records have been broken, you could also say nobody has broken his records on a Harley.

    1. apparently Bubba Blackwell has broken most of these records on the same Harley… okay, someone's as crazy as Evel was!

  3. I leave Hooniverse for a few hours and ALL KINDS of cool stuff pops up.
    Every time I think of Evil Kinevel I remember one of our local Radio Morning shows (Lamont and Tonelli) a few years back that crank called Evil and recorded the conversation. Then they used computerized snippets of an angry Evil to crank call other victims. The best one was a poor 7/11 clerk that eventually got all bent out of shape and started yelling back "Don't YOU call ME evil you SONOFABITCH!!"
    Oh, and the jumps on TV were pretty cool too. I had an Evil Kinevel SST racer in the 70's. Wore that T-handle out jumping it everywhere.
    Edit: Actually, it was this…

  4. Knievel used a Triumph motorcycle during his infamous Caeser's Palace jump. Knievel actually preferred the jumping characteristcs of the Triumph, but Harley Davidsen later made him a deal that he couldn't refuse – hence the use of the XR750 for most of his career thereafter. Knievel was from Butte, Montana – one of the few things that Butte is famous for, aside from the huge copper mine which is now full of water. He was a walking self-marketing machine.

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