Fast lap at Goodwood set with a sticky Climax

That would be a Lotus-Climax race car, mind you.

A product of the late 1950’s, the Lotus 15 is a large-fendered lovely paired with an engine from Conventry Climax. It’s a dual-overhead cam four banger shoved underneath a glorious bit of aluminum skin. Graham Hill raced one. As did another of other drivers, who all experienced a wide range of outcomes. Lotus kept building lightweight sports cars, but the focus from here falls on to the shoulders of the F1 racers. We’re looking at you Lotus 33, you beautiful bastard.

Back to the Lotus 15 though, because it’s an amazing machine in its own right. And in the video above, you can see one getting wheeled at the limit. Driver Oliver Bryant whips the green wonder through a pair of yellow machines on his way to setting a fast lap.

This was during the 72nd Goodwood Member’s Meeting. The 77th such event is set to kick off on April 6th. So stay tuned for even more footage of on-track excellence in vintage machines.

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