Fantasy Finds Friday: A real Subaru WRX STI rally rocket

ken block subaru wrx sti fff Last week, I offered up a vintage off-roader as my Fantasy Find for that Friday. An old Toyota Land Cruiser is a wonderful beast that’s built to take down tough terrain. What if you want to handle some of that terrain at speeds a bit higher than 15 miles per hour though? You should opt for a rally car, and that’s just what I’ve found for this week. My FFF for today is a [sc:ebay itemid=”121383381662″ linktext=”Subaru WRX STI C-Spec RA built in 2007″]. This specific car was setup for Ken Block during his time running down in New Zealand. It was used during the winter rally season, and it also participated in a rather spectacular video moment when it was launched off of a snowboard jump. It was also crashed on that jump too, so it looks like someone put in the time and effort to put the car back together. Regardless, the car in the ad appears to be legit, and it would make one hell of a machine for ones winter ski lodge. Remember, this is Fantasy Finds Friday – so yeah, I have a ski house where I can store this thing. subaru wrx sti ken block for sale The [sc:ebay itemid=”121383381662″ linktext=”asking price is $125,000″]. That’s not insane for a true race-prepped rally car, and it’s shocking to find one with Block’s name on the glass and intact body panels. Here’s the text from the ad: This car was built specifically for Ken to use in New Zealand during the 2007 winter rally season….he did four rallies in it and a ski jump in Wanaka in the South Island which features on Youtube.

It is a genuine Subaru Impreza STI C-Spec RA which features factory lightweight items such as thinner door glass and aluminium boot/trunk lid.
It is Left Hand Drive and is fully road legal in New Zealand under a motorsport exemption (as most cars in New Zealand are right hand drive).
The car has not been used since 2007 and has been professionally rebuilt and stored since then.
It was originally built to FIA International Group N rules with a comprehensive chrome molly rollcage and extensive body shell seam welding.
Mechanicals are factory JDM specification with 2 litre turbo engine and six-speed DCCD gearbox. Brakes are factory four-pot front calipers and two-pot rears to suit the 15″ gold gravel wheels.
It has current FIA legal seatbelt harnesses, hydraulic handbrake, carbonfibre co-drivers footrest and Coralba Giant rally computer.  
Full kevlar underbody protection and alloy sumpguard.
Aeroquip braided brake and fuel lines.
Motec M800 ECU and DCCD-Pro Centre Diff Controller.
The livery on the car is as Ken used it for filming the Wanaka ski jump in late 2007.
This car would suit a Ken Block fan, collector or motorsport person. 
Shipping can be arranged to any international port at buyers expense.

So there you have it, my Fantasy Find for this Friday is a fully prepped rally racer for my imaginary ski house. That’s my find for today, now it’s time to share yours. You know you’re done focusing at work already anyway, so get down in the comments and start sharing some Fantasy Finds. [Source: [sc:ebay itemid=”121383381662″ linktext=”eBay Motors” ]]

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