Fantasy Finds Friday: 1952 Jaguar XK120 Roadster

jaguar xk120 Open another browser window. Paste this url in ““, hit play, and then come back and read today’s Fantasy Finds post. I went to college right as the 1990’s gave way to the 2000’s, graduating high school in 1998 and then from the University of Rhode Island in 2002. While in school, we often got early looks at movies thanks to some committee that setup deals for a large group of (mostly drunk) kids to sample the latest flicks. It’s a hell of a way to watch a movie and it makes for great fun. One time I decided not to check out that month’s movie… which turned out to be The Matrix, and blew people away at the time. The next time I did go, and wound up seeing a movie called Cruel Intentions. If you are older, this movie is probably very stupid. If you’re younger, you’ve probably never seen it. I’m in the sweet spot for this movie, and I still enjoy it to this day. The combination of a pretty batshit crazy story, a handful of quite attractive actresses, and a perfectly blended soundtrack make it an easy watch for me. There’s one more thing about the movie, however, that has always stuck out in my mind. It’s the car of the lead character; a stunningly gorgeous Jaguar XK120. It’s an unlikely movie to create a strong mental connection to a vehicle but that’s exactly what’s happened… and its because of Cruel Intentions that this British Racing Green beauty is one of my fantasy machines. jaguar xk120 rear It’s rare to find such a well-written ad on Craigslist, but it’s fitting for a car like this one. Additionally, the accompanying photos are just as excellent. Here’s the full text of the ad, in case it goes down:

Offered for sale is a strikingly beautiful, completely correct, mechanically solid, ALL numbers matching 1952 Jaguar XK120 OTS (Roadster) finished in factory correct Black over a Biscuit interior, and confirmed by a Jaguar Daimler Heritage Certificate. Finished in what is undoubtedly one of the best liveries, the spats, steel wheels and black wall tires give this car a menacing period look, offset beautifully by the ceaselessly tasteful Biscuit interior and the XK120’s gracefully swooping lines. The recipient of a recent cosmetic restoration, including a high quality paint job, fresh chrome and rubber and gorgeous and correct new Biscuit leather interior with a Fawn convertible top, this entirely pure, “no stories” XK120 is one of the most beautifully presented roadsters we’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. Originally distributed through Hoffman Motor Car Co. in New York, the car was originally delivered to its first owner in Connecticut, where it is believed to have remained until 1982, when it was purchased by a doctor from South Burlington, Vermont. A serious Jaguar enthusiast (and Jaguar company shareholder), the good doctor would continue to enjoy and maintain the car for the ensuing twenty-five years until his health began to falter and the car was put into storage. In 2010 a regional collector found out about of the car through a mutual friend and, impressed with its honesty, lack of rust and complete originality (with numbers matching chassis, body, engine block, head and gearbox), he purchased it and began sorting through its mechanicals. We entered the picture when he became interested in a car we were offering at the time, and the roadster became part of a trade deal and made its way to the West Coast. Upon receiving the car, we set about performing a comprehensive cosmetic restoration to return it to its former glory. The car received a high quality, bare-metal re-spray in factory correct Black, the brightwork was all removed and re-chromed, all of the rubber was replaced and the interior was reupholstered in timelessly beautiful and correct Biscuit leather. The Fawn convertible soft-top was replaced and the hubcaps were re-chromed before being accented black and affixed to the original color matched steel wheels, which are wrapped in new, original spec Dunlop Roadspeed tires (a $1,500 cost). The results of these efforts is stunning, thanks in part to high quality craftsmanship, but also to the fact that it was an entirely pure, correct and honest car to begin with. The body is straight and free of any evidence of accidents with excellent panel fits and gaps, and, having never been subjected to the elements, the undercarriage is untainted, rust-free and completely original. Extensive work has been performed to make sure the car is as mechanically sound as it is beautiful. Both the original engine and gearbox have been rebuilt and less than 500 miles have been accumulated since completion. The engine work was expertly performed and included a resurfaced crank, all new bearings, new pistons, a boiled block, all new timing chains, new valves and seals, a resurfaced head, resurfaced camshafts and a new oil pump and other ancillary parts. The car also has a new clutch and throwout bearing and the brakes have been rebuilt from top to bottom with new master and wheel cylinders, new shoes and resurfaced drums. The car is mechanically fantastic, its factory original 3.4L engine firing up effortlessly, idling consistently and pulling strongly and smoothly through each of the original Moss gearbox’s gears. Performance accompanies with excellent, even compression, fantastic ride quality and no proclivity for overheating. The car brakes straight and true, the suspension is sound and it is a joy from behind the wheel, whether tooling through town, roaring through the canyons or bombing down the highway. The car is accompanied by its original tool kit (extremely hard to find and prohibitively expensive today), as well as its spare wheel and changing tools, a file of records and the original Heritage Certificate. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire an appreciating XK120 OTS that has everything going for it: completely original, solid and correct undercarriage, rebuilt mechanicals, gorgeous, recently restored cosmetics and (most importantly) ALL matching numbers, confirmed by both the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Certificate and the car’s original stamps and data plate. This is an entirely pure, correct and honest car, one that needs only a new owner’s garage and the same gentle use and care bestowed upon it by it’s prior owners to be enjoyed. Goodman Reed Motorcars 805-202-4557

Since this is the Fantasy Finds section of my personal garage, I’m not concerned with the price. Still, at $95,000 I feel like this is a great deal for a wonderful piece of Jaguar history. A new F-Type is a glorious machine, and will cost you between $102,000 and $104,000 when you pick the one with the right motor. That’s a fantastic car and should go down in history as one of the all-time greats… the XK120, however, is already there. That’s my fantasy for this friday, now it’s time to show me yours. You know you’re already done focusing on work, so sound off in the comments below. [Source: Craigslist]

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