Fancy Pants – The 2012 San Marino Motor Classic

So this past Sunday was the second annual San Marino Motor Classic, an event where yours truly served as chief judge of the Morgan Class. I know what you’re thinking – well la-de-freakin’-da – and I would be too, if it weren’t for all the impressive iron that was dusted off and brought  out to San Marino’s bucolic Lacy Park for the event. The Motor Classic is held in support of two non-profits – the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA and the Rotary Club of San Marino, both worthwhile recipients – and this year’s show celebrated both the theme of Design in Motion and the CCCA Grand Classic event. 

After competing my duties as a member of the judiciary, I managed to walk the park and snap a few pics of the gorgeous cars that filled the classes. Take the jump for the slide show and keep in mind that in addition to cars, I  might also be judging you and your cars. Just kidding, that’s TTAC’s gig.

 Actually, before we get to the splendiferous rolling artwork, I’d like to note that the show also featured classic bicycles and the saddle collection of this guy, Jann Eldnor, who also happens to be my barber. To say it was an eclectic event would be an understatement.

More than 260 cars entered the event, in classes as diverse as Pre-war Open Touring to Hot Rod, and pretty much everything soaking in the late Spring sun was both significant in its history and in amazing condition. Here’s a little taste of what was on display.

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