False Neutral: The Hooniverse Motorcycle Podcast Arrives!

FN-Podcast-1 The new motorcycle-centric member of the Hooniverse Podcast Network is here! Your hosts Tanshanomi and Eric Trytko are joined by Garrett from Vancouver (the first of our Podcast Star Search victims prospects) for our debut episode. We start out by getting to know each other through our riding background and preferences:

  1. How did you get into motorcycling and who were your mentors?
  2. What motorcycle features are must-haves and which are deal-breakers?
  3. How much work on your bikes do you do yourself?

False Neutral – You Gotta Start Somewhere

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One response to “False Neutral: The Hooniverse Motorcycle Podcast Arrives!”

  1. […] along with KTM’s 790s and 890s and several electric motorcycles. To wrap up, we announce that after 7 years, the False Neutral will be coming to a end in a couple of months and explain […]