False Neutral Podcast #127 – Iconic Motorbikes with Abhi Eswarappa

The September episode is live! Eric updates us on his Vietnam trip, then we interview Abhi Eswarappa of Iconic Motorbikes. Abhi’s audio feed isn’t the greatest quality, but give him some slack. He was using his phone. Through wireless earbuds. Outdoors. At an airport. He’s still a fascinating guest, with plenty of interesting bikes to talk about.

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Below are images of all the bikes we discuss on this episode.

Eric testing the Vinfast Theon S electric scooter
Interior of the Vinfast scooter factory
Garrett’s Vespa SS
The Bride” in its current state
2022 Triumph Tiger 850
2022 Triumph Tiger 900
Suzuki GSX250S Katana
Honda VFR750R RC30
Abhi and his Bimota Test 3D (Bike-urious.com photo)
Honda NR750
1979 Honda CBX
Honda RC213V
Abhi aboard the RVZ500R (Bike-urious.com photo)
Yamaha TZR250
Aprilia Tuono “Red Lion” (Iconic Motorbikes photo)
Bimota Tesi H2
Kawasaki H2R
Twin-engined NSU custom board tracker (Iconic Motorbikes photo)

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