False Neutral #50: Police Bikes & Taxi Bikes

This week Garrett gives us a ride report on the Aprilia Tuono V4 and Pete describes the EF1 tornado that skirted his yard this past week. After that, we discuss deals Eric found on Craigslist, including a BMW cop bike with 74,000 miles on it. We wrap up discussing a few bits from the motorcycling press, including a big-box mega-dealership in Michigan and a new taxi bike designed for African markets. Along the way, Pete puts Bulgaria on his bucket list.

The Craigslist ads we discuss (no promises how long the links will last):

Links to the articles we discuss:

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False Neutral – Police Bikes & Taxi Bikes

Aprilia Tuono V4
Garrett’s Photo
BMW R1150RTP 2002
Craigslist Photo
1971 BMW R60/5
Craigslist Photo
2012 BMW S1000RR
Craigslist Photo
Dolna Mitropolia – Pleven, Bulgaria
Photo Source: Jalopnik
Supermoto action on the track in Pleven
Photo Source: Jalopnik
2017 Yamaha CRUX Rev – wire spoke version
Yamaha Press Photo
2017 Yamaha CRUX Rev – cast wheel version
Yamaha Press Photo


  1. Afaik police bikes have different electrics, gas grip on the left and weird stuff like that. In other words you can´t really ride them. Not to forget the unbearable dilemma, that at first glance other bikers might take you for a cop . No thanks.

  2. High-mile Oilhead BMW? No big deal. I had an 1100RT years ago that had nearly 90k on the odometer when I bought it and I put 8k on it the first year I owned it. Oilheads are reliable bikes that can frequently go way past 100k without major issues (I’ve seen real lunatics on the BMW forums go 300k+ on ’em). 70k on an RT-P shouldn’t be a big deal.

    1. Is this particular one from the era of prematurely failed final drives? No mention of replacement in the ad, but I’m not clear on exactly what years/models were most prone to that. (If it’s 74K on the original, it’s obviously got a good unit.)

      1. I’ve never heard much of anything about bad final drives on Oilheads. Now, Airheads (primarily ’70s and ’80s BMW boxer twins)? Yeah, driveshaft spline lubrication and maintenance were really important.

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