False Neutral #29: LeMons Rallying With Jeepjeff

This week, Hooniverse regular Jeepjeff joins us to share his crazy (and fairly unwise) adventure, crossing Death Valley on his Yamaha TW200 during the recent LeMons Hell On Wheels Rally. We also discuss Allen Millyard’s trip to the Isle of Man, plus find out how and why Garrett got a painful case of roadrash on his…new Supermoto conversion.

False Neutral – LeMons Rallying With Jeepjeff

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Allen riding on his 5,000 cc Flying Millyard
Photo from Barry Miller’s Flickr Stream
Garrett’s Street-Legal Supermoto Bike
1974 Honda CL125S (Mfg. Sales Brochure Photo)
Pete’s CL125S (As it appeared July, 2016)
Luigi, The TW200 (Jeepjeff’s Photo)
Jeepjeff’s FZ-07 Salvage Project

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3 responses to “False Neutral #29: LeMons Rallying With Jeepjeff”

  1. mdharrell Avatar

    Not only did Alan Frisbie complete the entire LeMons rally in his racing Super Snipe, but he did almost all of it solo. Only on day four (Bakersfield to Santa Cruz) did he have a passenger, Stefan Lombard of Hagerty:

    I survived hitchhiking across the desert in the LeMons Hell on Wheels Rally

    Once again, good meeting you, Jeff.

    1. jeepjeff Avatar

      Alan’s ride was one of the ones making me think I’d made a relatively safe choice. And again, great to finally meet you too.

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        Alan will be delighted to learn that he continues to serve as a benchmark.

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