“There’s a constant devil on your shoulder, in this ZR1, going “…little bit faster …it can take more.”

That’s what Everyday Driver co-host Todd Deeken says as he’s pushing a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 down an empty mountain road. And he’s right. The ZR1 is an finely honed exotic driving experience that just so happens to be built in Kentucky.

Todd, and his partner in crime Paul Schmucker, are driving the ZR1 as part of a feature-length film they’ve created. It’s called “American Original”, and it takes a look at all seven generations of Corvette history. The pair spend time looking at or driving 13 different Corvettes over the course of this video journey.

This film follows in the footsteps of their past entertaining feature-length films. Everyday Driver has examined the history of the Porsche 911, mid-engine cars on mountain roads, the Autobahn, Nürburgring, and Spa, and the BMW M3.

You can watch the portion with the Corvette ZR1 above. If you want to see thew whole thing, you have a few options. Everyday Driver allows you to view this on Vimeo (for a fee), buy a Blu-Ray copy, or you can rent it right now on Amazon.

The reviews on that Amazon page are great. So if you’re looking for some automotive content to fill your time this weekend, you should give the full video a shot.