I’m linking to the listing right away, because you need to head over there and watch the video posted. The noise this thing makes is incredible. And what this thing is is a 1965 Mercedes-Benz 220S that’s been modified to run in the Rally Maya Mexico and La Carrera Panamericana. And now it’s for sale with just two days left on the auction listing.

In place of the 2.2-liter M127 inline six, the builder swapped a 3.6-liter AMG engine under the hood and fitted it with a trio of Weber carbs. Backing up that awesome is a Tremec five-speed manual. Power is put to pavement through a Ford rear end. 

Inside, this Benz is all race car business. There are OMP buckets, harness bels, a full roll cage, and a dash of diamond plating. I’d love to ditch all of that and bring the interior close to stock. But I’d need a decent pile of cash.

Not a ton though, as the current high bid sits at $15,000. There are two days left (at the time of this writing) and the winning bidder needs to find a way to get the car from its current location in Belgium.

Some hero needs to do that and pop the original seats back into place while removing the roll cage. This would make for a fantastic street car that hides a hefty AMG secret. A secret, that is, until you lay into the throttle and let those carbs open their throats.