Eric Clapton's Custom One-off Ferrari SP12 EC

It’s not everyday that we cover new cars here at the Hoon but this… this is special. What you are looking at is a factory one-off Ferrari created for Eric Clapton. The SP12 EC was designed at Centro Stile Ferrari in collaboration with Pininfarina. The car is am homage to the 512 BB, which Mr. Clapton owned several of.

The car is based on the current 458 Italia so there is no pancake 12-cylinder in it. However, the 4.5-liter, 570HP V8, connected to Ferrari’s famous 7-speed dual-clutch more than makes up for it. Click the jump for one more picture and a look at the original 512BB.

The Berlinetta Boxer, a.k.a. “BB”, was launched in 1971 as the 365 GT4 BB, the first mid-engine road going Ferrari (excluding the Dino). In 1976 it was succeeded by the 512 BB. The car was rather advanced for its time with dual clutch plates, dry sump oil pump, and staggered wheel set up. 929 were produced, none of which was sold in the U.S., although many were imported.

So, does the SP12 EC properly reprsent what a modern 512 BB would be like? I’d say so. The development took over two years and the final cost somewhere north of three million Bristish pounds.

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