That lead image says a lot. You have a handful of two-wheel race machines competing in some manner of motorsport. The course is an oval, and the playing field is far more level than you might think. Sure you can see what appear to be a pair of liter bikes in the shot, but you’ll notice a supermoto and …a racing scooter or moped(?) also hanging it out.

And guess who wins this race?

Because of the radii of the corners, the fastest bikes here aren’t the biggest, most powerful ones. Yes, there’s plenty of rider skilled involved in keeping the slower machine hustling through it all, but the vehicle itself appears to be an advantage as well.

The racing is oddly hypnotic too. It’s the mixture of engine sounds, smooth riding through the corners, and desire to see Rider 5 beat up on the bigger bikes.

Click play and enter the hypnotic realm of Japanese Oval Super Battle racing.