Engineering Explained april fools day tesla video

Engineering Explained entertains on April Fools’ with a Tesla video

April Fools’ day is… pretty lame. I think social media is to blame for the majority of the e-hate associated with the first day of April. Every brand and content creator is on a mission for that viral joke. Most fall flat. Some are just terrible. But there are a few that get a deserved chuckle. One example is a video from our friend Jason Fenske.

Mr. Engineering Explained has created a vlogger-esque video that pokes fun at a the genre. The video is titled 5 Reasons I HATE my Tesla Model 3, which is exactly the sort of title that will garner views, insane comments, and general ire from viewers. But here it’s all in good fun.

Fenske adopts a few personas through the video, with the first two being my favorite. I especially like the jabs at a certain Internet Mechanic.

So rather than having to wade through a sea of pretty crap April Fools’ content, click play on the video above. Or feel free to avoid all content today and go about your day. Either way, we understand.

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One response to “Engineering Explained entertains on April Fools’ with a Tesla video”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    About 40 years ago there was one about towing an iceberg up from Antarctica to address a water shortage, sucked in a lot of people.

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