Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Thieved Car Names

Last Friday, we asked you which good car names are yet to be used. Manufacturers nowadays vigilantly guard their trademarks, and litigate over the use of their trademarks at the drop of a hat. Ford famously sued Kawasaki over the use of Zephyr, Audi got in a legal tussle with Nissan over the letter Q (yes, really), and Carol Shelby has sued…well, pretty much everyone.
It wasn’t always that way. American Motors blithely trotted out the AMC Matador in ’71 without so much as a cease-and-desist letter coming their way from Chrysler, despite the Matador Dodge had produced a decade earlier.
So, what model nameplates can you name that were used by two different manufacturers?
As is the rule with these, read the comments first and try not to duplicate.
DIFFICULTY: A bit of a head-scratcher, ain’it?

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127 responses to “Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Thieved Car Names”

  1. Eggsalad Avatar

    Edsel Citation. Chevrolet Citation. Both were crud.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      In fairness there was also the Edsel Pacer, which was never again used for, um, hmmm….

    2. lilwillie Avatar

      hey now….don't go and lump the Edsel Citation with the Chevy, the Edsel was a much, much better piece of crud.

    3. smalleyxb122 Avatar

      Since this seems to be the official Edsel thread:
      Edsel Ranger & Ford Ranger Or does it not count since Edsel was part of Ford?

      1. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

        I wasn't sure about that technicality either, (see Safari/Safari below)

  2. B3NN3TT Avatar

    Not a wholesale NAME swipe, but the first-generation of the Saturn L-series were referred to by Saturn as the LS1 and the LS2…

    1. dwegmull Avatar

      There was the Lincoln LS and the Saturn LSxxx.

      1. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

        and the Lexus LSXXX

  3. PFG Avatar


    1. Raze1138 Avatar

      Special mention of GTO
      First the Ferrari, then the Pontiac, and THEN the Mitsubishi.

  4. dwegmull Avatar

    Rover Metro. Geo Metro. I owned both. In that order.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      MG Metro. I own one. In that order.
      (Yeah, I know it's the "same" car as the Austin and Rover versions.)

    2. Charles_Barrett Avatar

      Don't forget the Nash / Hudson / Rambler Metropolitan
      (I'm assuming that 'Metro' and 'Metropolitan' count as one and the same…)
      <img src="http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/1954-1962-metropolitan-p62-1957.jpg&quot; width=500>

      1. chrystlubitshi Avatar

        charles, i mean no offense what-so-ever, but i totally picture you driving up to meet me in a hard-top version of this.. while i arrive in a tri-color mid-fifties something.

        1. Charles_Barrett Avatar

          Hahaha…! I may have to be folded in half to fit into a Metropolitan (although I remember reading somewhere that the headroom was surprisingly generous). Oh well, there's always a cabriolet coupe…

          1. name_too_long Avatar

            From what I've read of your proportions you would look gloriously ridiculous in a Metropolitan.

  5. Tomsk Avatar

    Oldsmobile Fiesta
    <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/attachments/f137/48229d1265446967-1957-oldsmobile-super-88-fiesta-img_0968.jpg&quot; width="639" height="479" />
    Ford Fiesta
    <img src="http://www.treehugger.com/ford-fiesta-red-photo-001.jpg&quot; width="468" height="312" />
    No points for guessing which one I'd rather have.

    1. scroggzilla Avatar

      uuuhhhhh…..no, wait…….don't help me….I know this one!

    2. Raze1138 Avatar

      Yeah, I'd rather have the Oldsmobile too…

      1. Tomsk Avatar

        Don't get me wrong, the Ford's a neat little car, but freaking hardtop station wagon! With available tri-power! Game over, man.

        1. dead_elvis Avatar

          Please tell me about these (implied) non-hardtop station wagons! (all kidding aside, I am definitely a longrooffan)

          1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
            Peter Tanshanomi

            "Hardtop" in the technical sense, as in not a sedan: no B-pillar or window frames.

          2. dead_elvis Avatar

            news to me! Thanks – that's the kind of stuff that keeps me coming back (and btw, I'm missing your Snap Judgments, but I'm glad you're sticking around here)

  6. muthalovin Avatar

    Evo tends to get used fairly frequently, but not an exclusive "proper" name.

  7. tonyola Avatar

    Anyone for a Desoto Firesweep Seville?
    <img src="http://www.carpictures.com/media/images/400/00B8J561729282A.jpeg"&gt;

    1. nitroracer Avatar

      There was also a Chevy Durango
      <img src"http://www1.eboard.com/boards/9/50/68/tink/att-2002928/Durango.jpg"&gt;

      1. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

        I think it's more of a trimline then an actual model.
        Also, you forgot the "=" between the src and the "http
        <img src="http://www1.eboard.com/boards/9/50/68/tink/att-2002928/Durango.jpg"&gt;

    2. junkman Avatar

      I was going to post this and you beat me to it; with a picture of MY Ford Durango!

      1. smalleyxb122 Avatar

        You have my apologies, and my admiration. You own/have owned a far more eclectic fleet than I can ever hope to match.
        Your Durango (not that I knew it was yours) just happened to be the best picture of a Ford Durango on the first page of a Google search.

  8. dwegmull Avatar

    The following is borderline off topic:
    Porsche's 911 was supposed to be a 901, but Peugeot had trademarked all three digit car numbers with a 0 in the middle… http://www.peugeot.com/en/history/the-lion's
    As far as I know, Peugeot has yet to build a car numbered 901…

    1. tonyola Avatar

      The Daimler prototypes were referred to as Dart, but Chrysler objected because they already had a show car named the Dart. The production cars were called SP250.

  9. tonyola Avatar

    In 1952, Bentley borrowed the Continental name from the 1940-1949 Lincoln Continental, then Lincoln borrowed it back.
    <img src="http://www.fantasyjunction.com/img/cars/large/27028.jpg&quot; width=400>

    1. Syrax Avatar

      And then Bentley borrowed it back.

  10. dwegmull Avatar

    One more: Mazda 323 versus BMW 323.

  11. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    While used frequently as a trim or style designation, GT has been used relatively infrequently as the full model name.
    Opel GT:
    <img src="http://www.tuningmag.net/images/news/opel_gt_04042006/320_240/opel_gt_1970_text_1.jpg"&gt; http://www.tuningmag.net/images/news/opel_gt_0404
    Ford GT:
    <img src="http://cache.jalopnik.com/cars/assets/resources/2007/04/Ford-GT.jpg&quot; "width=320"> http://cache.jalopnik.com/cars/assets/resources/2

    1. joshuman Avatar

      As has GTI.

  12. engineerd Avatar

    1930 Stutz SV16 Monte Carlo
    <img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4113/4844857446_ef4d3c8710.jpg&quot; width="500" height="333" alt="1930 Stutz SV16 Monte Carlo Enclosed 4-Door by Weymann" />
    Chevy Monte Carlo
    <img src="http://aisle10.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/98_chevrolet_monte_carlo_ls.jpg&quot; style="width: 500px; height: 330px; border: 0" alt="imgTag" />

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      That's a nice looking Stutz but I'm still going to go with the SAAB Monte Carlo.
      [youtube JWWR63mLYmw&NR=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWWR63mLYmw&NR=1 youtube]

    2. P161911 Avatar

      Lancia Monte Carlo:
      <img src="http://www.motorbase.com/uploads/2004/04/03/fs_hpim1212.jpg"&gt;
      Known as a Scorpion in the US

      1. zaddikim Avatar

        This Lancia wins – I like the lines over those of the Stutz and Chevy.

      1. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar


      2. zaddikim Avatar

        Oh yes – the perfect band car – if your band plays at Renaissance Faires.

  13. Corvette_Poncho Avatar

    Dodge Lancer
    Mitsubishi Lancer
    I'll take the shelby version of the prior…just cause 😀

      1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

        The original (Dodge) Lancer:
        <img src="http://www.runwalkjog.com/connecticut/newhaven/62dodgelancer112807.jpg&quot; width=600>

  14. earlofhalflight Avatar

    Triumph Acclaim/Plymouth Acclaim/Holden Commodore Acclaim
    Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow/Dodge Shadow
    Austin Montego/Mercury Montego
    Singer Gazelle/Nissan Gazelle
    Hillman Hawk/Humber Hawk/Studebaker Hawk
    Ford Sierra/Suzuki Sierra (Aust market Jimny)
    Maserati Bora/VW Bora
    Renault R8/Audi R8
    Lagonda Rapier/Sunbeam Rapier
    Riley Imp/Hillman Imp
    Hudson Hornet/AMC Hornet/Wolseley Hornet

    1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
      Peter Tanshanomi

      Don't forget Tata Sierra.
      <img src="http://www.carskerala.com/gif/sierra.jpg"&gt;

        1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

          And the Olds Ciera. That "C" isn't fooling anyone.

    2. straighteight Avatar

      And the Dutton Sierra! They survived a lawsuit from Ford!

  15. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    Dodge (Chrysler) purchased AMC, so maybe this is stretching it, but…
    Dodge Spirit
    AMC Spirit
    <img src="http://www.edmunds.com/pictures/VEHICLE/1993/Dodge/8343/1993.dodge.spirit.3092-396×249.jpg&quot; width="400">
    <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/5f/1981_AMC_Spirit_GL_front_left_corner.JPG&quot; width="400">

  16. Juliet C. Avatar
    Juliet C.

    Chevy had the Monza and Berlinetta, both used originally by Ferrari.

  17. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
    Peter Tanshanomi

    Because it's Two-Wheel Tuesday, here are more car-bike crossovers, a la Zephyr:
    Jensen Interceptor & Honda Interceptor (plus Royal Enfield Interceptor)
    Dodge Dart & Moto Morini Dart
    Hudson Hawk and Honda Hawk
    Buick Nighthawk & Honda Nighthawk
    Dodge Avenger & Kawasaki Avenger
    Nissan Titan & Suzuki Titan

    1. Hopman Avatar

      You forgot about the the Mack Titan.

    2. smalleyxb122 Avatar

      AMC Rebel & Honda Rebel
      Dodge Shadow & Honda Shadow
      Dodge Daytona & Triumph Daytona
      Ford Thunderbird & Triumph Thunderbird
      Pontiac Bonneville & Triumph Bonneville

  18. Hopman Avatar

    P-51 Mustang meet the Ford Mustang.

      1. P161911 Avatar

        Apparently Jeep, Goodyear, and a certain jeans company have a better relationship than Ford and Pep Boys. The latest Ford Fusion was supposed to be the Futura until Pep Boys and a judge said no.

      2. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
        Peter Tanshanomi

        Mmmm… Wrangler's!
        <img src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/92/231496350_a02f1555f9.jpg"&gt;

    1. Smells_Homeless Avatar

      That thing has every indication of well-executed sleeper. Fat tires on subtle not-so-late model mags, hidden (or missing) tailpipes, way too clean and shiny for an older economobile, and I think I spy an electric fuel pump tucked next to that new gas tank. No sir, I don't think I'll try for your $150 tonight.

  19. Jim Avatar

    Ford Phaeton and VW Phaeton

    1. tonyola Avatar

      There were lots of cars referred to as Phaeton before World War II. It was a generic term for what we now would call a four-door convertible. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phaeton_body

    2. engineerd Avatar

      Phaeton is a tricky one since it used to describe a body style. However, I believe you have succeeded in finding two vehicle whose names were indeed Phaeton and not just to describe a body style.

      1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
        Peter Tanshanomi

        Kind of like "spider/spyder" …could be a body style, could be a proper name.

  20. JayP Avatar

    VW's first name for the Corrado supposed to be Taifun (or something close) to follow Scirocco.
    But GM beat them to it with the Typhoon.
    That's all I got.

  21. Hopman Avatar

    Mercury Cyclone and GMC Syclone. Different spelling, same idea.

    1. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

      a 3-way! nice!

      1. Charles_Barrett Avatar

        Well, DeSoto and Plymouth were both Mopar marques, but seeing as they're both dead now (and DeSoto is old enough to sound antique and exotic), I guess I can count all three… 😉

        1. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

          (hides because he forgot the Plymouth/DeSoto connection)
          But my original comment stands, it counts!

    2. chrystlubitshi Avatar

      i've been in GMC, Chevy, and plymouth suburbans from a large variety of years (mostly of the first two makes) … but DeSoto has to be the best…. as far as looks go. i'd take one of those any day. thanks for posting CB! i've missed seeing you around!

  22. LTDScott Avatar

    Honda Odyssey, but they stole from themselves.

  23. MrHowser Avatar

    There's an Ambassador at a Pull-a-Part down here, that is very similar to that 1966 on the bottom. It's a little beaterific, but every time I go by, I have to check and see if it's still there.

  24. name_too_long Avatar

    Alfa Romeo Spider / Fiat Spider / Toyota Spyder

    1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      Sp(i/y)der in general – here's a Porsche 550 Spyder, for example…
      <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/35/Porsche-550-spyder.jpg/800px-Porsche-550-spyder.jpg&quot; width="600/">
      …and a Mitsubishi 3000GT Spyder VR4:
      <img src="http://www.3000gtspyder.com/spyder/gallery_jeffs_spyder_files/front-converted.jpg&quot; width="600/">

  25. earlofhalflight Avatar

    And Austin Ambassador
    <img src="http://www.aronline.co.uk/images/ambassador_02.jpg"&gt;

  26. Lotte Avatar

    A Toyota Mark II is a sedan, sort of a RWD Camry. A Lincoln Continental Mark II is a personal luxury coupe, as I have recently discovered.
    Along the same line (and companies) is the Toyota Mark X, which is still a RWD Camry, but the Lincoln Mark X, or MKX, is now a crossover.

    1. tonyola Avatar

      Also don't forget the Jaguar Mark X.

    2. P161911 Avatar

      Jaguar Mark X:
      <img src="http://www.gbclassiccars.co.uk/images/jaguarmk10side.jpg&quot; width=600>

      1. Lotte Avatar

        it's actually less "don't forget" and more "learned something new". If you hadn't told me I'd have said it was an XJ.

  27. OA5599 Avatar

    Cadillac Fleetwood and Fleetwood RV
    Ford and Willys Jeep
    Ford Five Hundred and Fiat 500
    Dodge and Plymouth Neon
    Cushman Eagle, AMC Eagle, Eagle division of Chrysler, and "the Eagle has landed"

    1. Hopman Avatar

      The Dodge & Plymouth Neon were the EXACT SAME CAR!!! The only different parts were the badges on the hood & trunk.

    2. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar
      Peter Tanshanomi

      The 21-century Ford Five Hundred is always spelled out as words, not digits. That's what they have a trademark on.

  28. ptschett Avatar

    Chrysler Falcon / Ford Falcon
    Chrysler used the name for a 2-seat concept car, which would have been a Corvette/Thunderbird competitor.
    <img src="http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/1950s-chrysler-dodge-desoto-and-plymouth-concept-cars-13.jpg&quot; width="500"/>
    It's rumored that Chrysler was going to use the Falcon name for the car we know as the Valiant, but Ford edged them out at the patent office.
    <img src="http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/1960_falcon.jpg&quot; />

  29. P161911 Avatar
    1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

      Numbers are fun like that.
      Mercedes-Benz 240(D):
      <img src="http://www.mercedesmotoring.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/1981_240d_marine_blue-03333.jpg&quot; width=600>
      Nissan 240(SX):
      <img src="http://www.niot.net/niot_570/nissan_240_sx_niot.net.jpg%20(15).jpg" width=600>
      Volvo 240(DL/GL):
      <img src="http://www.independent.co.uk/multimedia/archive/00032/volvo-240_32637s.jpg&quot; width=600>

  30. earlofhalflight Avatar

    How about Hillman Avenger and Dodge Avenger? While there was a corporate link at one point, by the time the Dodge Avenger came along that link had been long broken.
    <img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3144/2643708522_2b95f19cee.jpg"&gt;
    <img src="http://www.koreanstyling.dk/webshop/images/2008DodgeAvenger.jpg"&gt;
    Which brings to mind another – Sunbeam Tiger, Messerschmitt "Tiger", Panhard Tiger and Hillman Avenger Tiger.

    1. tonyola Avatar

      The Daytona name is considered "unofficial" by Ferrari, even though everyone uses it. The official name is 365 GTB/4. Packard used the Daytona name before either Dodge or Ferrari for the Panther-Daytona roadster, of which a few were built.
      <img src="http://www.remarkablecars.com/main/packard/packard-00008-1.jpg&quot; width="500/">

    1. name_too_long Avatar

      Holy sh*t! A Sebring I want!

  31. P161911 Avatar

    Maserati 3500(basically the same as the Sebring):
    <img src="http://www.qv500.com/maserati%203500%20p3%205.jpg"&gt;
    Chevy/GMC 3500
    <img src="http://www.thedieselpage.com/duramax/news2005GMC3500.jpg"&gt;

    1. LTDScott Avatar

      That's stretching it. 3500 is just weight series.

    1. FЯeeMan Avatar

      Now that's one funky looking Volvo! Thank you for the education!

    2. Plecostomus Avatar

      Good god, it's the 1986 Honda Accord Hatch's swedish cousin!!

    3. retro Avatar

      I'm guessing that through some automotive shenanigans that concept eventually became the Citroen BX:
      <img src="http://ploader.net/files/9bfa877193bb88956fead0cef9813bb4.jpg"&gt;

      1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

        Good eye! Yes, Bertone's design instead ended up at Citroën, where it was carried out quite nicely, in my eyes. I can even forgive the lost pop-up headlamps.

  32. Mad_Hungarian Avatar

    Edsel Pacer and AMC Pacer (No one should EVER use that name again!)
    AMC Hornet and Hudson Hornet
    Studebaker Commander and Jeep Commander
    Studebaker Land Cruiser and Toyota Land Cruiser
    Mercury (Comet) Voyager and Plymouth Voyager
    IKA Torino and Ford Torino

  33. Armand4 Avatar

    Don't forget the Volvo 850!

  34. Dan Avatar

    AMC SX/4 and Suzuki SX4
    Crosley Super Sport and Chevrolet's Super Sport designation
    Crosley CoBra (tin block engine) and Shelby/Ford Cobra
    not automotive, but still:
    AMX (French tank manufacturer) and AMC AMX

  35. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    Yes, it's a stretch, but people have probably stopped looking now, so I can post it:
    Voyager / Voyager
    <img src="http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/autoreview/400×266/1991-95-Plymouth-Voyager-91108231990207.jpg"&gt;
    <img src="http://remicadedream.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Star-Trek-Voyager-p35.jpg&quot; width="400">

    1. Charles_Barrett Avatar


  36. Hopman Avatar

    Mercury Bobcat meet the Bobcat skid steer!

  37. Jim7 Avatar

    Volvo C10; Chevy C10.

  38. Kita Ikki Avatar
    Kita Ikki

    Buick Century – Toyota Century