Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Factory White Wheels

Not too long ago in the history of the automobile, wheels were almost universally black steel, or perhaps painted to match the body color of the car, if you bought something really fancy. But white wheels? That would look weird. And indeed, when tried, they did look sort of weird. That didn’t stop white aftermarket wheels from becoming a bona fide trend; nowadays they’re seemingly everywhere on everything from sports cars to stanced hatchbacks that can’t traverse a speed bump.
However, original equipment white wheels from the showroom are not quite as common. Your assignment for today is to fill our virtual tome of arcane knowledge with a list of all the production cars that rolled off the assembly line equipped with white wheels. (Bonus points if the body color is something other than white.)
Difficulty: 3.6-1000 nanofarthings per sidereal year.
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Image Sources: IMCDb.com and General Motors Heritage Center via Hemmings.com


      1. There is a guy I see every night driving the opposite direction of me in a 1993 triple (or is it quadruple) white fox body. It is immaculate. As ridiculous as they look parked, you can’t miss them on the road. The all white is so glaringly obvious to your eyes it’s hilarious.

      2. I saw that very car (well, not that very one; this one was in considerably more distressed condition) on Saturday as I was moseying through downtown Minneapolis.

      1. This is why Ford and GM do symetrical 5 to 6-spoke rims. They can’t trust their mechanics to rotate the wheels aesthetically.

        1. The MkII Probe GT had direction wheels. I pointed that out to a driver at an autox. He had no idea the wheels were directional. I joked that he was getting an advantage. He was cool about my joke- some others take autox too serious.

        2. T-Bird S/Cs had directional rims from the factory, but they weren’t asymmetrical, they just wen the wrong way on one side.

        3. One of the wheels available on the Lincoln Mark VIII were directional with separate L and R versions and it always drove me crazy to see them messed up.

        4. That is something that has bothered me for a while with tires. You can’t rotate directional tires like other tires. Yet I find these tires mounted against their mandatory direction on cars of people who use shops to change tires all the time, like my mother-in-law’s Toyota. Also: Absolutely no respect for torque-mounting wheels. It’s the shop who gets to change the dead bolts and nuts anyway…

      1. I hated that combination. That entire generation had some really cartoony looking editions.

  1. My father purchased a cousin to the pictured Subaru wagon new in 1981. I seem to remember that the white wagon wheels were for the 4wd versions and the 2wd versions got the standard silver steel wheels. I also think that the wagon wheels were more of a beige color than actual snow white.
    (Our GL was not only 4wd, it had the factory accessory headlight bush bar/winch mount and skid plate on it from new at the dealership. The bush bar was a slight off white color- not snow white but more beige-ish. After mounting the bush bar, the dealership actually had to get a special linkage part for the hidden center Cyclops light under the Subaru emblem since the winch mount interfered with the stock linkage. What was even more freakshow about our vehicle was that this we lived on the NJ shore in northern Ocean county- far from typical 4×4 required areas except for a few allowed areas for beach access. But we traveled to Montana and western states during the summers (my father was a high school teacher). He

      1. Our GL’s bush bar actually eliminated the chrome front bumper and only had surrounds for the headlights due to the center winch mount. Of course my father never mounted a winch.
        I actually found a similar GL with that bush bar version painted black.(Ours had factory roof rack also.)

  2. A car is a wheeled, self-propelled motor vehicle used for transportation. Therefore very nearly every Ford tractor ever.

    1. They were. It is the SHO Plus package (212A) and on white exterior cars, they got white wheels. All other exterior colors got the sparkle silver wheels.

  3. In Europe white cars with white wheels were a big hit in the 80s…
    Here is a test between an Opel corsa, a Pug 205 and a Seat Ibiza!

  4. 1980’s AUDIS!!!
    1986’s lineup included white Audis to commemorate the Centennial of the Automobile.

  5. 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan ES, although I think the white wheels were only available with the white exterior color.

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