Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Asymmetrical Instrument Binnacles

Car designers (usually) work hard to arrange the driver’s cockpit an orderly, coherent, attractive manner. The understandable result is that the overwhelming majority of instrument panels are laid out symmetrically. Sure, the actual gauges will differ from one side to the other, but in general, one side of the instrument panel will be mirrored by the other. But sometimes, a design team deliberately mixes things up, not only arranging the components asymmetrically, but actually giving the dash panel an asymmetrical binnacle. How many? Good question, if I do say so myself. How many cars can the Hooniverse Hivemind come up with?
The Caveats (there are always caveats):

  • It should be obvious, not subtle. We want noticeably and deliberately asymmetrical examples.
  • We’re talking about the overall shape of the instrument panel, not just the arrangement of the instruments within it. An odd number of idiot lights or squeezing the gas gauge into the bottom of the tach on one side won’t cut it.

Difficulty: Neither super easy nor particularly difficult. So moderate it’s the Joe Lieberman of Hoonatica entries.
How This Works: Read the comments first and don’t post duplicates. Bonus points for adding photos. Remember, you can simply paste in the raw image URL now, thanks to the magic of Disqus.
Image Source: ExtremeTech.com (It’s an attractively cropped version of a GM interior press photo.)


      1. It was part of the appeal for my purchase of a 2009 Civic. I find it easier to read large numbers.

    1. Assuming that Disqus doesn’t reorder things, this strikes me as the first to actually satisfy the post. The Alfa is close, but is more two separate binnacles rather than a single, asymmetric binnacle. The others seem pretty much symmetric.

    1. (In better keeping with the spirit of question, I suppose I should have posted the production/street-car Ford GT cockpit, but…)

  1. Someone pointed out to me once that the Sonic dash almost perfectly draws a penis. The Tach is the balls and um, goes up from there (left to right). Once you see it you cannot un-see it!

    1. er…”We’re talking about the overall shape of the instrument panel, not just the arrangement of the instruments within it.”
      …my bad.

  2. Since it’s Tuesday in some parts of the world, and roughly the 10th anniversary of the day I bought the one I used to ride: Kawasaki KLR650 (’87-’07).

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