Electric Corvair Drains Batteries, Wallet; Blows Fuses, Minds

1966 Corvair Convertible Electric car for sale We were about ready to feature this drop-top Corvair because it was just so freaking gorgeous. The four speed and 4.11:1 posi rearend complement a spruced up suspension and front disc brakes. Then there’s the small matter of the stonking 144 volt electric motor powered by 18 8 volt batteries…

1966 Corvair Convertible Electric car for sale
The rest are in the frunk
The conversion kit comes by way of electroauto.com (a site deserving a feature of its own). From what we can tell, it’s the high-end AC motor kit, which allows for regenerative braking leading to longer ranges. It charges off of a standard 120V wall jack. The irony of an electric version of the Green Party candidate’s nemesis is not lost on us. 1966 Corvair Convertible Electric car for sale What’s the catch? Right now the bidding’s at $10.9k with the reserve not met and the $39,000 buy it now suggests it’s got a way to go.

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