The trend of electrifying modern automotive brands is good. EVs are not the final solution for mobility in the world, but they appear to be the next step. As automotive enthusiasts, the electric vehicle can be daunting. The new EVs will take away our manual transmissions and internal combustion engine sounds. It’s sad but true. There is some hope.

There are small automotive companies electrifying classic cars. EV West has been on the scene for a while now and electrified everything from a classic Beetle to a Pike Peak Hillclimb car. They will even sell you a conversion kit for $8,000. I discovered another EV company that looks like it will help auto enthusiasts. Electric Classic Cars is located in Newtown in the United Kingdom.

ECC’s previous projects include a VW Beetle, a classic Fiat 500, a VW Camper Bus, a 911, and a Range Rover. The Range Rover has an 80 kWh battery pack and an estimated range of 175 to 200 miles. It is also equipped with a heater, power steering, LED headlights, vacuum assisted brake system, and a hill descent mode. That is pretty great.

What caught my eye though was they tweeted about their next project. ECC is currently converting a Land Rover Defender to a fully electric drivetrain. They posted that they removed 450 kgs (992 lbs.) from the Defender.

This week they posted what they are planning to install in the Defender now that all the unnecessary bits have been removed. ECC is installing a 450 hp Tesla drive unit, a 90 kWh battery pack, a 22 kWh charger, heater, power steering, and a vacuum pump for brakes.

I’ve only driven a couple of EVs and I have yet to drive a Tesla. A classic car as an electric vehicle makes a ton of sense to me. Especially if it is your run about the city vehicle. I’ll keep an eye out for when this Defender is moving with its Tesla powertrain.