Eight-wheeled, tri-axled Mercedes 300D Art Car: Welcome to the Future!

Reach for the stars!

When you wake up from your period of suspended animation in the year 3022, this is what you’ll be driving to work…on the moon.

For the uninitiated, it’s an “art car,” that quirky combination of budget-constraining self-gratification and vehicular shock-and-awe, that has earned it acclaim at the Houston Art Car Parade—it’s a winner!—and multiple People’s Choice Awards in Florida (where the senescent inhabitants could stand to be shook up with a little more shock and awe). But this finned, louvered, chrome-bedecked, rocket-tailed sonic soundscape of industrial light and magic is precisely what we’ll be commuting to the unobtainium mines in the soon-to-be future: powered by a mysterious space-age substance called “diesel,” rocketing up to 10 hot alien mistresses to the third moon of Omicron Persei 8, and good for 25MPG, perfect when on the run from those pesky alien invaders who we’re not supposed to talk to or take candy from. 25 feet long, almost four tons, and featuring a parts bin from over 40 cars, this four-wheel-steering behemoth is a glimpse of the Car of Tomorrow, caught in a supernova explosion and beamed to our time.

Maybe the athletes at the Space Olympics will show up to Space Luge in it.

eBay Motors: Mercedes 300 Limousine Art Car

[Image source: DeviantArt]

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  1. engineerd™ Avatar

    Well, if the Constellation program hadn't been cancelled, this could have been reality sooner!