Edd China gets pulled over for driving a couch, cited for “operating an unsafe vehicle”

It has come to this; the police, Beverly Hills cops (sorry) in this case, think that a slowing moving, fully padded, cheetah-print-covered motorized couch is unsafe. It’s got seatbelts, so I don’t understand how it is any less unsafe than any motorcycle but what do I know?

Mr. Edd China, whose face is covered in this police picture to protect his identity despite the fact that the name of his website on the side of the vehicle, was pulled over on Rodeo Drive. The police issued him a ticket for the operating an unsafe vehicle. In California this is at least a $238.00 fine and a point on one’s driver’s license.

The weirdest part is that the police didn’t issue the same ticket to the Hemi-powered Challenger in the picture, which is sure as heck a lot more unsafe in the wrong hands than a cheetah couch with a scooter engine.


  1. Presumably it is still registered in the UK, so they should treat it like any other out of state vehicle? Eg what would happen if drag week went through Cali?

  2. I’m not sure the whole “thin blue line” thing (in their hashtags) holds up all that much, if they’re using it to share how they’re protecting us from the scourge of licensed novelty vehicles.

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