VIDEO: Decent Proposals- The I-10-Stopping Will You Marry Me?

Martinez Paige

Los Angeles’ San Bernardino Freeway – the 10 to us locals – is one of the busiest stretches of road in the Nation. That was especially the case this past Sunday when a section in West Covina was shut down for a time so that Hector “Tank” Martinez – the dude getting photobombed above – could propose to his girlfriend Paige (yeah, that’s her too) during a Unity Ride charity biker event. 

Proposing marriage is a big deal, and whether you do it on bended knee or in the passing lane, it can fill even the most macho of men with trepidation. Considering that Tank also had planned the pink smoke and biker buddy accompanied proposal since last October, it’s a good thing Paige said yes. Check out the epic goings down after the jump. 

[Source: Buzzfeed via LAist

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6 responses to “VIDEO: Decent Proposals- The I-10-Stopping Will You Marry Me?”

  1. POLAЯ Avatar

    I wed my wives a quarter-mile at a time.

  2. dukeisduke Avatar

    Wow, she's a looker. Wishes for a long, happy marriage, years of happy riding, and no accidents.

  3. Dan Avatar

    Brilliant. Congrats to the happy couple.

  4. Alff Avatar

    Super cool and I have seen people die for less (literally) in my daily commutes on the 10.

  5. Wolfie Avatar

    Reports coming in say not all the people were pleased with this stunt. Terminology ranges from smoke this asshole to get a picture it is an historic event.

  6. FunWithBuns Avatar

    Damn, I guess I need to move to Cali. Never get to be a part of anything like this in Florida.

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