Datsun/Nissan LZ20b DOHC Group 4 Race Motor

This 1980 LZ20b race motor is the same type that was originally fitted to the late-’70s/early-’80s Nissan Violet WRC cars, which won the Safari Rally in Kenya for 4 consecutive years. A race-only DOHC conversion of the existing and venerable L-block Nissan motors, this particular one made 210 HP in race trim. Incidentally, it also powered rally variants of the Skyline and Silvia. Find it on Anamera, in Japan, with no listed price and condition unknown. It’s probably worth a four-figure price just to have as a living room ornament. And for the love of Murilee, if you purchase this and it goes into your ice-racing 200SX, send us pictures!
Anamera (

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  1. James Avatar

    Hey awesome! It's the perfect companion piece to this.
    And $100,000 later, you'll have a car that might be semi-competitive in a modern amateur rally class.

  2. Jo Schmo Avatar
    Jo Schmo


    1. Alex Kierstein Avatar
      Alex Kierstein

      DO IT.

    2. muthalovin Avatar

      You know you want to!

    3. Tomsk Avatar

      YES. Show Eleanor how much you love her!

    4. jeremy Avatar

      but only have it power the front axles.

    5. Jo Schmo Avatar
      Jo Schmo

      /passes the collection plate around
      that is barely bigger than the L18 Eleanor is currently sporting and its a twin cam!

      1. James Avatar

        Probably shorter in height.
        None of that cam over rockers over valves nonsense.

    6. CptSevere Avatar

      Jump on it.

  3. Datsun Rally Avatar
    Datsun Rally

    This engine is not LZ20B. Look a like FJ20, maybe early FJ. I have LZ engine and it is totally different.

    1. LZLOVER Avatar

      There are two versions of the LZ cylinder head. First was rounded top, second was flat multi ribbed.
      This head look suspiciously like an early FJ20 to me.

    2. Jared van Bergen Avatar
      Jared van Bergen

      Any more info on your car?

  4. Dude Avatar

    Yep, that's an FJ.