Datsun-Nissan Weekend Edition: The Gloria Saloon

One thing I love about these Nissan press photos is how they display the ultra-basic and the super sumptuous just alongside each other. And since the large rear-wheel-drive Gloria saloon was such a sizeable model range, and in production for quite a while, there are a lot of good shots of them in various guises.
There were formal roofs, hardtops, wagons and a Jack Nicklaus special edition, as seen above. It’s impossible not to love the late 1970s feel here.

This is the 1981 Gloria 430 Brougham. Of course, the car here is perhaps a little narrow to shout out its Bro’hamness, but the name is deserved when you look inside.
A shot from the Turbo Brougham shows just how much wood they could cram inside.
In comparison, a couple interior photos of the later, very basic versions. On both occasions, the wood survived the de-contenting.
Would you believe this Y30 longroof is a 1997 car? But of course it is.
And from the Y31 generation, a depiction of the extremely basic two-litre saloon.
In the other end, the V20 Twincam Turbo Gran Turismo SV Hardtop from 1989. Same body, different roof and a 210hp turbo engine.
The Gran Turismo’s interior manages to sneak in a little sportiness.
Compare that to the ridiculous plushness of an earlier Brougham VIP, and you can see just how well the Gloria lines catered to each taste – no matter how acquired.
Because if you wanted to lose the B-pillars and gain some really, really rich leather, you could.

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  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    The bluish interior of the Brougham reminds me of the latest Lincoln concept. I’m not sure what I’d choose if I’d be presented with both…

  2. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    The Japanese Language brochures are among my most prized in The Carchive. I obviously don’t understand a word of them, but oh, the pictures.
    It’s the interiors which fascinate me the most about JDM cars. Heaven is a seat of inch-thick velour behind a vacuum-fluorescent dashboard.

  3. Batshitbox Avatar

    The Gran Turismo’s gear selector looks more like a small walkie-talkie. And is that a Graphic Equalizer I see? Whoo! Mega deluxe super extra!

    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      Plus blue LED readouts!

  4. Tomsk Avatar

    Love the last couple generations of Cedric and Gloria hardtops. If getting a ’76-and-newer private import registered here in CA wasn’t such a nightmare I’d seriously be running the numbers to bring a VG20DET or VG30DET powered Y31 hardtop over.

  5. elan Avatar

    This might seem a bit random, but does the top picture look like the Ford Granada?

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      It does, but having driven both, the (Euro)Granny is a better car. These big Japanese cars are curiously under-developed especially in their driveability. Until the Lexus LS400/Toyota Celsior. They drive like really well made Vauxhall Crestas/Early Ford Falcons/First model Opel Rekords.(ie like 1950/60s European cars) But the ‘well-madeness’ doesn’t extend to the quality of the plastics or(100%) fake wood. Imagine driving an Olds Ciera on crossply tires and you have the feel of it.

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