Dart Charger Is Not a Typo

dart charger for saleTurns out before the Charger that came before the Charger that Bo and Luke (and Daisy!) made famous there was a Dart Charger. The Dart Charger was a rare special edition (supposedly 480 built) of the generally unloved mid-60s Dart sporting a hi-po 273V8. 10.5:1 compression, a 4 barrel, 4 speed and posi rearend in a compact platform can make for quite a fun time. Now you, too can own one of your own! dart charger for saleThis example has some history as a racer for a local Elks Lodge. Apparently Elks Lodges ran drag racers back in the day? It’s been repainted from the original cream-yellow to black. The vinyl section of the top is gone, replaced with white paint. Some originality’s lost, but we’ll take black and white over yellow and vinyl any day.

dart charger for saledart charger for sale

The car’s in complete but rough shape all around. There’s some rust in the fenders, but the seller claims none in the structural bits. This being a California car, that’s believable. The old racing numbers on the fender stripes are a cool touch, so we’d probably just get the rust under control and drive it as-is. It’s sitting at a little over $2k with the reserve unmet on eBay Motors.

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