Custom 4-Door Jag Mark X Convertible with a Chevy 350? God Save the Queen!

So, when's the next Diamond Jubilee?

Jaguar Sacrilege Week continues with this seemingly innocuous creation, one of Jaguar’s most extravagant luxury sedans crafted into a 4-door, 4-seater convertible. Oh, and there’s a Chevy small-block and transmission underneath. Natch.

Who knew it wasn't a factory special? Could've fooled me.

For the uninitiated, the Jaguar Mark X was a sleek, top-of-the-line sedan that showed the world exactly what Grace, Space and Pace meant. It was the largest, most imposing British car on the road: until the XJ220 of 1992, it was the widest car Jaguar ever built. Its 4 headlights and narrow grille set forth the look of the modern Jaguar, bridging the gap between the Mark 2 and the XJ with design cues still evident today. Featuring all-steel monocoque construction, 4-wheel disc brakes, independent suspension ripped from an E-Type, power steering, and a limited-slip differential, its size belied its handling prowess. And with burled walnut trim, front and rear picnic tables, and armchair-sized seats swathed in enough leather to agonize entire Hindu sects, its luxury reinforced Jaguar’s world-class status. And yet, somehow, the Chevy small-block seems superfluous.
Fast enough to blow the tiara off Miss America.

Jaguar, of course, never built the Mark X as a 4-door convertible. Jaguar also never stuffed something as plebeian as a V8 motor from a mere Chevy into it, but as evident by this week’s posts, that clearly hasn’t stopped people from trying. At this rate, scientists will invent a time machine and, after assassinating Marilyn Monroe and going on a date with Hitler (like any schmo with a time machine would do), travel back to 1948 and convince Sir William Lyons to replace the lovely dual-cam XK6 engine in the XK120 with a Chevy 350 and 4-speed toploader in time for the London Motor Show. It would make the lives of custom “retromod” car builders of the present a lot easier.
In the words of Jeremy Clarkson: "anyone who sits in the back of a 4-seater convertible…looks like Hitler."

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  1. Paul Avatar

    The Mark Ten was the original supercar sedan, too my knowledge the ONLY car ever made where the roof plays no part in the torsional beam stiffness. Arguably the stiffest car ever built. it really is an unbelievably sexy car and the curves add to the strength. Has anyone seen a square aeroplane lately?