Crazy Craigslist – The Witness Protection Lincoln LS

 Sometimes an ad – particularly those dealer ads on eBay – can overdo it with the detail, providing pictures of every aspect of the car from down the radiator neck to proof that none of the cigar lighters have ever been used. On the other hand, this Craigslist ad takes a completely different approach, using the cover of darkness and an apparent unfamiliarity with the concept of focal depth to obscure the car in each of the exterior shots. WTF?

Lincoln’s LS shared its platform with both the Jaguar S-Type and Ford’s two-seater T-bird reboot, and of all three cars, the Lincoln seemed to prove the least engaging to car buyers. That may explain the bargain basement price for this one – as you’ll see in the ad after the jump – or maybe it’s a scam. Either way, it’s pretty scary.

The ad not only features incomprehensibly blurry pics, but also that rock-bottom price, making you wonder what the hell is the seller’s intent.  All caps, a complete lack of proper punctuation and a fantastically broad keyword listing make this is potentially the work of an individual looking to lure in unsuspecting deal-seekers, only to then spring on them either a Glock or a ponzi scheme. Alternatively, prospective buyer may never be heard from again making this ad the answer to the question; where do they get the ingredients for pink slime?

This is one freaky Craigslist ad, and the fact that it’s located in Sylmar – one of Los Angeles’ less bucolic suburbs – only adds to that vibe. With all the red flags contained within, you’d have to be a pretty raging LS fanatic to respond. Any takers?

Source: [Los Angeles Craigslist


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