Craigslist: This Yugo tank can be your next racer

yugo tank Are you looking for a solid class C 24 Hours of Lemons racecar? Look no more! Everyone knows that if you want to really dominate Lemons, you must win the Index of Effluancy. Everyone knows that it is pretty much to impossible to win IOE without being in class C – cars with no prayer of finishing. And what better cars to dominate class C are there than something horrible produced in Eastern Europe!?* Bozi, formerly of Hooniverse, presently of The Truth About Cars, and whoever else takes his shit, found this amazing Yugo which has been converted into a paintball tank. This, my friends, is what Lemons racers call a win-win – a pre-themed Class C car! yugo tank engine From the ad:

Yugo (Heaperia)

For sale or trade yugo not sure what year it is it was made to look like a tank it was used for paintball it shots one Soccerball or five nerf darts at once it does not run it needs new spark plug wires I only have a bill of sale if you have any question text me at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

yugo dash

This is a solid CL ad!

  • Crappy pics of car that probably hasn’t run in some time – check!
  • A car that is a modified wonder – check!
  • Vague description – check!
  • Not running but owner knows it only need a single cheap part will make it run as new yet won’t replace it – check!
  • Price not listed – check!
  • No title – check!


*Little known fact: people now call some parts of what was once known as Eastern Europe, Central Europe or Southern Europe. The term “Eastern Europe” is reserved for the breakaway republics of the former Soviet Union, and western part of Russia itself. I guess no one wants to be associated with those guys.

Source: Inland Empire Craigslist via TTAC.

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