Craigslist: Lada 2105 VFTS Rally Race Car

Eastern Bloc cars seem to grow more popular by the day. I have been writing them about them for many years now and I even come to own a Lada. My Lada has been converted into a Lemons car some time ago and it even won the overall grandest prize, the IOE. But I want to bring it to a higher level – I want to make it better, faster, safer, greater. Given its condition it’s a rather easy task as making it worse would be quite challenging. 
In my research of Lada racing, parts, history, and everything, many times I have come upon Lada VFTS cars. VFTS, Вильнюсская фабрика транспортных средств, was a small repair shop in Lithuania (part of the Soviet Union back then) that transformed factory Ladas into proper rally cars. A total of about 30 cars were made and they competed in the ever awesome Class B in the 1980s. But they resurfaced in the 1990s in Hungarian rallies. Many of those were replicas of those VFTS cars, as is the one for sale here.

From the ad:

Lada Vfts rally race car /one and only in the U.S$40000 (Wellington)

Lada VFTS Gr.H rally car for sale with Florida title. Manufacturing year 1987 Brand new building (03.2016). Lightweight body (less than 1900 lbs) New 2000ccm engine, double 48mm Weber carburetors, running on racing fuel only,Ross racing pistons and rings,Ross connecting rods, Schrick valves, Schrick camshaft, Schick titanium valve plate, stainles steel 60 mm racing exhaust, 4-2-1 rost free 60 mm racing exhaust, new homologous 5 speed dogbox, new diffs with runninggear, big bilstein shock-absorver,WRC racing seats and Sabelt belts, plexiglass, certified 16 points rollcage, big front brake, new Speedline Corse magnesium wheels.Its a race ready car.its absolutely collectible and the one and only Lada Vfts in the U.S
If you have any question please contact with me!
It’s for sale cash only!!!!
I might consider trade for similar value car!

From the pictures, it looks fantastic, a very cleanly built racer. Over time I have seen all these parts for sale and all the things on this car seem to be top quality. None of that is inexpensive. Great execution. But there are a few things that stand out to me. First, the pictures seem to indicate that the car is not in Wellington, Florida, as stated in the ad but rather somewhere in Europe. I know this because each year I spend time in Wellington and that is not how the town looks like. I actually plan on being there later this year and I will contact the seller about looking at this car. 

Price is the second thing. There are still plenty of Ladas on the road but finding a clean one can be challenging. Still, they are priced extremely low. I’m guessing that there is no more than $12,000 in parts here between the suspension, engine, cage, wheels, etc. There is a lot of labor involved, however, but finding someone capable for a fair price in eastern or central Europe is possible. Costs to ship it to North America are between $2000 and $4000. Some may say “yea, but it is a unique vehicle, a one of a kind…” True. But it is also a twenty year old car with probably around 150hp. For $40,000 one can build a WRX that will run circles around this Lada. 
Still, great looking vehicle and I really hope that it is in the United States and that it will go into the right hands. I was actually thinking of making my Lada look like a road version of a VFTS car instead of a typical Lemons theme bullshit. 

Source: Miami Craigslist

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8 responses to “Craigslist: Lada 2105 VFTS Rally Race Car”

  1. JayP Avatar

    How about that?
    You -can- polish a turd.

  2. Wayne Moyer Avatar
    Wayne Moyer

    You to can star in Car Crash Time.

  3. Sjalabais Avatar

    I so agree on your analysis of the price, but on the other hand: This is a race car as clean as a surgery table. It just looks so much like something to be bought by someone with a lot of money and a slight tickle of curiosity. The fun with building a rugged, not…eh…premium vehicle into a race car surely lies with doing it yourself and deciding what goes in and out yourself?

  4. Atomic Toast Avatar
    Atomic Toast

    When you spend way too much money on something and after 17 laps wonder Why?

  5. Lokki Avatar

    While fun looking and certainly unusual, it looks like a rich kid’s toy to me. Atomic Toast is absolutely right: fun for about 17 laps at which point you realize you’re at the back of the pack in the 2 liter class. 150 HP out of 2 liters after racing pistons, cams,rods, twin Webers, and racing fuel? That’s it?
    In summary, this reminds me of the old adage about teaching a pig to sing.
    Still if you have the money to race it for a year, take the loss selling it, and can still afford to buy something else, go for it.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Note that 150hp is Kamil’s guesstimate – if it has the compression to need racing fuel and presumably the cam profiles to match I’d be disappointed with less than 200 hp.
      Apart from being a 1987 Lada rather than a 1967 Fiat 124 this would fit right in with the Alfas, Lotus Cortinas etc in vintage racing.

      1. Kamil K Avatar

        Yes. And agreed.

  6. Mohamed Zohny Avatar
    Mohamed Zohny

    how can i building lada 2107 to be like VFT category