Craigslist Find: International No-Brainer Edition

It begs for a hi-top camper, doesn't it?

Eureka! That’s what you’ll be saying about this idiot-proof steal, because that’s where you’re going in order to rescue this leviathan from certain doom… Behold the majestic pea-soup exterior, and baby-stool gauge surrounds.    The perfectly square greenhouse atop that huge fuselage with an open bed – why, it’s almost more Binder-mino than Wagonmaster!   And pay no attention to the grainy rat’s nest… the seller invested all of two sentences in his listing, one of which says “it runs and drives fine just needs rust repairs.”   Eureka!

The other one more ominously states “scraping (sic) in 2 weeks it will be for sale until Friday then its a goner“.  Ulp – you hear that?   That’s your conscience saying “To arms… to arms!!” $600 is but a pittance – for less than 2 dollars a day you could feed a starving Binder and be smack into easy LeMons Legend territory! Surely, someone out there reading also lives close to this… that someone better not let us down… so check out the Craigslist ad and start planning your weekend! (Hat tip to Reveille courtesy of Fej)

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