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The World’s Worst Car Is For Sale On Craigslist

Welcome to Craigslist Crapshoot, our weekly search for the most bizarre, awesome, and/or terrible vehicles that the online classifieds has to offer. 

Hi, my name’s Ed, and I’m special. Aside from those exotic Ferraris that have a rep for spontaneously combusting with no warning, most cars tend to seem a little dull after they’ve been on the market for a few years. One way that manufacturers keep the flame alive is through the introduction of special edition models, in the hope that that a unique color and badge may stave off buyers’ apathy. Last week I asked you to find not just such special editions, but those featuring brand partners from outside the automotive world. We’ll see who’s the most special in a minute, but first, this week’s quest. 

Seeing as we are being inundated by Winter Olympic coverage at the moment, this week I want you to find cars bearing the badge that’s most similar to the Olympic’s iconic 5 rings. That of course would be Auto Union, and their own four circles, representing the four brands that made up the eponymous Union- DKW, Horch, Wanderer, and of course, Audi. Now, I think out of those four brands, the one you’re most likely to stumble across will be Audi, and as we’re not all that interested in a slew of just off-lease A6 models, let’s say that we’re only going to allow cars from 1990 and earlier, how’s that?

As always, we want your finds to go down in infamy and not in the site’s spam filter. Follow any of the following advice and you’re crap will be known far and wide.

  1. Easiest way to not get caught in the spam filters is to create an IntenseDebate account. If you do so and your posts aren’t appearing, let us know at and we can put you on the whitelist
  2. If you don’t want an IDC account, you can create a account and do the same thing.
  3. If you’re the Ted Kaczynski type and don’t want any kind of account, then try to place only a single link in a comment and just drop any outgoing link in via its raw URL and not as a text link
Craigslist Crapshoot doesn’t work if your candidates don’t get seen, so hopefully following one of these options will ensure that the floodgates of crap are fully open. Click on through the jump and let Special Ed class begin.
Have I recently mentioned how much I love you guys? I mean, we ask you to play these dumb games each week and you all bring the heat! Last week was no exception, and who knew – or perhaps remembered – that there were all these great special edition cars and trucks? I mean, did you see that Fender edition VW Beetle found by muthalovin? That tobacco sunburst dash was freaking awesome, and I think those cars actually came with a git-box too.
Pretty much all of last week’s special editions were pretty special, but I picked the one that’s possibly the most WTF and presently embarrassing to own, which is this Terminator 3 movie edition 2003 Toyota Tundra. Did you even know that there was a Tundra in T3, much less a movie tie-in package (in Canada ay least) that resulted from that cinematic turd? Well, we all know now, and we have muthalovin to thank for that too! Dude was ON FIRE last week!
Well done to you all!
Image source: Austin Craigslist

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