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The World’s Worst Car Is For Sale On Craigslist
Welcome to Craigslist Crapshoot, our weekly search for the most bizarre, awesome, and/or terrible vehicles that the online classifieds has to offer. 
They say that there are no poor people in America, only disenfranchised millionaires just a lotto ticket away from reaching their due. I don’t know about that, but I do know that you all found some pretty sweet rides for those of means, and for those with dreams. We’ll see if the price is right in just a sec, but first this week’s timely challenge.
It’s now 2016, which means that 2006 is fully a decade in the past. Does that seem like a long time? Here’s a touchstone: the Jeep Patriot was introduced at the New York Auto Show in 2006, and it’s still being produced today. Let’s take a look at 2006 and see what’s out there from that year than might give us all the biggest bang for the buck.
As always, we want your finds to go down in infamy and not in the site’s spam filter. Since we’ve changed commenting systems, you may need to update your commenter account. Make sure you have a Disqus account – they’re free and easy to get – and then comment away.

Got that? Good, now let’s see how the other half lives.

Wow, there certainly are a LOT of people posting ads on Craigslist who consider proofreading to be an option accompaniment. That’s the only explanation for the ten million-dollar Pontiac Firebird found by Mr. Ollivander, the just slightly cheaper ’93 Caddy located by ptschett, or the 2011 Nitro Heat dug up by NSX-lovin, Muthalovin.
Other ads were accurate, but perhaps not so likely to find a buyer – rich or poor. Both mdharrell and Hatchtopia came across a restored but crazy pricy ’57 Pontiac Bonneville that, while nice and fuel injected, seemed pretty aspirational in its asking.
Of course if you want to make even the rich think something is expensive then you’ll need to break a million dollars (for real) and that’s just what Krautwursten did finding a rare and lovely Maserati 3500 Vignale Spyder for just a smidgen over that lofty amount.
Thanks to all of you Richy Riches out there for your contributions. Now, let’s turn back the calendar!


    1. LeMons? Maybe $700 worth of parts could be sold and another $300 worth of bribing? Or just cheap race car?

    1. Owned a 2004 for a few years from new. Only new vehicle ever purchased. Some wind protection would be nice for long highway rides

    1. I’m not a fan of the skid mark on the driver’s seat, but that would otherwise look really nice parked next to my Trollblazer. I do wish they had done more to Saabify the interior of these, though. Aside from the badge on the steering wheel, that is 100% Impreza.

      1. Wow, can’t unsee…Lets assume this is testimony to outstanding performance and/or excellent brakes.

        1. It’s more likely just evidence that the owner would eat in the car. It’s right where food or drink would fall between the driver’s legs. Not really a huge deal, but if I were the seller, I’d have tried a bit harder to clean that up before taking the picture.

          1. Yes, I was just trying to be funny. I trade a lot of furniture and when people come to pick up bigger stuff, I help them load it. Approximately 8 of 10 wagon people don’t know that you can flip the rear seats forward before putting the back down, thus creating a flat area. The goo and snot, paper and dust found under there makes a lot of people react with disgust. If you eat in your car, and even let your kids do so, regular, sound cleaning rounds are essential.

  1. How about the best Evo, ever, period, the end, of all time.
    2006 Evo 9 Mr Special Edition for sale – $25500

    1. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, but I like the orange/black colour scheme very much indeed!

    1. It seems like trucks with utility beds depreciate faster than those with regular beds. I’ve been tempted to take advantage of that before.

      1. Perhaps because they tend to be fleet vehicles that see a lot of use. My truck is used only for truck things – a utility bed would be welcome.

    1. That mileage might scare some people off, but I’d say this is an excellent deal. That’s some pricey luggage, and it’s got what looks like a Russell Day-long saddle – expensive, and amazingly comfortable, in addition to all the other farkles. If I needed a fast, heavy hauler, I’d take one of these over a Goldwing any day.

      1. You Betcha ! mine bought new in May 2002 and on Jan 1st of 2003 – It had turned over 22 thousand miles. ( There is one on Adventure Rider with 700 thousand miles and still running hard. )

    1. Does anyone actually get KBB value out of a used car? It seems to be pretty inflated compared to what I see cars actually selling for near me. He’s $200 off KBB because that’s the cost to replace the windshield. Doesn’t seem like a great deal, but I’ve always wanted to test drive one of these.

  2. This specific Daewoo Chevrolet Nubira isn’t selling since nearly a year, the price is spiralling down (currently about 3 kUSD) and will probably hit the actual market value, eventually.
    A 10yo car of which neither manufacturer (Daewoo) nor distributor (Chevrolet) are active in this country anymore: what could possibly go wrong once something goes bang?

    1. It always baffled me that GM slapped the Chevrolet badge onto Daewoo vehicles once Daewoo had sort of established a presence in Europe. Then they went all in with that sponsorship contract only to leave the continent entirely to other existing GM brands. This is my #1 example in discussions of assumed private sector smoothness vs public sector incompetence.
      The car itself would probably only be worth about 1k€ on the continent, right?

      1. Here in the US, GM basically screwed all the existing Daewoo dealers, who, without any product to sell, went out of business.

      2. It staggers me (though it simultaneously doesn’t surprise me one iota) how little value GM placed in the Chevrolet name in Europe.
        Like when defunct upmarket HIFI brand names get slapped on pacific rim MP3 players.

    2. I was sure this won’t be a bang-for-the-buck winner when posting this, but I’m surprised that this bread-and-butter sparked some comments.
      I don’t follow new car news, but since the GM/Chevrolet Europe adventure is history already, I dug into that, too: the Nubira was filling the gap between the Daewoo/Chevrolet Lacetti and the Daewoo/Chevrolet Evanda (which you folks know as Suzuki Verona). Now the fun fact: this Nubira is a Buick Excelle in China.
      As a roundup: according to Wikipedia, this car was born as a Daewoo. ‘Daewoo’ turned ‘GM Daewoo’ in 2002, and the Daewoo Nubira turned Chevrolet Nubira in 2004 in Europe.
      In Europe, Daewoo was established as a maker of cheap, simple cars (often a 2nd life for old GM models), Chevrolet only had the Corvette and later, Carmerro in the showroom. After the foundation of GM Daewoo, all European Daewoos were re-labeled Chevrolet, new models arrived
      Chevrolet Europe sold like 470k units of about 10 models in 2011, bringing the “Korean Lada” which Daewoo brand once was perceived as, to a brand of acceptable low-end market cars that happens to offer the Corvette, too. Then something happened internally, and in 2013, after this achievement, Chevrolet Europe had to give way to Opel/Vauxhall. The retreat is completed by about now.
      This makes perfectly private-sector-sense: my guess is that a non-compliant GM manager was somewhat parked at GM Daewoo. That manager played golf with the right people and got to re-launch Deawoos. He had lunch with the Chevrolet Europe boss, who was happy to expand his sportscar business towards more mundane vehicles, just like Porsche. The venture was rather successful, so at some point somebody in Detroit realized what happened. In a typical private-sector move they eradicated the entire company branch (I know, I’m botanically challenged) by closing the money valve for any expansions, ads, product development. Not because they didn’t want that business (are you sure a Chevrolet Evanda customer would buy an Opel instead?), but they didn’t want that manager in power.

        1. What a beauty! about 55kNOK import – the state bureaucracy has moved from road authorities to tax office last, btw, didn’t know that.

  3. Okay, this is awesome.

    According to the ad:

    “2006 GMC Savanna 2500, 6.0L, 4×4 conversion, 5″lift, runs and drives great. Six leather captains chairs, power bench seat in rear. TV, satellite, Playstation, rear stereo.”$_27.JPG$_27.JPG×4-9-passenger/1120051809?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true

    1. Sure it’s not a Ford, as every other badge says? (Or maybe Pbilt & Ford have an affiliation? News to me.)
      Edit: It’s a Ford F650. (Also: HD edition = plastichrome adhesive letters from the stick-on fender vents aisle?)

  4. Best bang for the buck you ask? Well how about you get the vehicle that we all consider the ultimate kind. This is a diesel stick shift! Not only that it includes an apartment that you carry with you. So for the price of a Camry you get to say goodbye to your parents millennials. Not to mention people will get out of your way. Oh and when you are in between jobs, you can haul a load here and there.
    For us car enthusiasts we can just start to grab a vehicle or two from Bring a Trailer as well with this beast. Talk about a value!

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