Craigslist: 1924 Dodge Brothers "Doctors Coupe"

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I enjoy trawling the interwebs for Dodge Brothers trucks and cars. They are very well-built, solid vehicles, but many of them have not survived; time is a cruel mistress. I found myself sitting up late the other night, when I ran across this 1924 model – I believe a Series 116 – and had to take a closer look. (Yeah, I’m the guy who stays up late to look at pictures of cars.)

I also had to figure what a “doctors coupe” is. Was this sold only to doctors? Were doctors humored by the play on words? It turns out this is simply a moniker given to this kind of car, which was indeed popular with doctors, who tended to make a lot of house calls during this time. It’s a closed-top, 2-seater with a big trunk, rather than a rumble seat, handy for carrying medical supplies and suchlike. Much like the so-called “golfers coupe” or “business coupe”, this is just a specific body style that was marketed to and popular with a certain type of person. This could just as easily have been called a housewife’s coupe, or a farmer’s coupe (but that would be a pickup!).

[Source: Seattle craigslist]

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From the ad:

Antique Dodge Brothers coupe in good condition. Runs well, stops fairly well, drives like an old car. Great parade and show car. It has some minor issues: One window is cracked, a few glitches in the finish, windshield wipers don’t work, and the radiator seeps near the top (though it has been re-cored). These issues don’t detract from the vehicle nor inhibit its urge to perform. I am willing to consider newer-vintage trades though I prefer to sell it. $9,750.
Parade car? Only if that parade includes an open road and a full tank of gas. This coupe looks like a lot of fun to drive, mechanical issues notwithstanding. I’d drive this to the corner store for milk and bread. I really like the color on this car, and the matching solid steel wheels. Dodge Brothers were ahead of their time with a standard rear brake light. Safety first!

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I like the 3-piece windshield. I imagine myself cruising down a state highway with the windows down and the windshield laid back. Not too fast, of course.

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The 212.3 cubic-inch 4-cylinder L-head engine made 35 horsepower brand new. It might have lost a few over the years.

I wonder how many of you have driven a car like this? What’s it like driving an underpowered, overweight car on narrow tires and soft suspension? I’m weird, but I think it would be a lot of fun. In fact, here’s a short video of someone doing just that.


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6 responses to “Craigslist: 1924 Dodge Brothers "Doctors Coupe"”

  1. cruisintime Avatar

    Seems like it would be a hoot to drive an old timer like that.
    Have to wonder how long it would take to miss my fully equipped ride?

  2. mdharrell Avatar

    "What’s it like driving an underpowered, overweight car on narrow tires and soft suspension? I’m weird, but I think it would be a lot of fun."
    <img src=""&gt;
    Fun. It is fun. You're not weird, or at least no weirder than I am.

    1. zombienixon Avatar

      I got to drive a Model A once and it was a lot of fun. Okay, the first time I had to stop above 20mph was a little scary, but other than that it was a hoot to drive. Driving an old car like that (especially an open car) makes you feel like you're going twice as fast as you really are.
      Of course, I'm weird and I know it.

    2. MVEilenstein Avatar

      The whole slow car fast theorem doesn't apply here: this simply slow car slow. Which I like sometimes. OK, most of the times.

  3. stigshift Avatar

    So, following the logic behind the name "Doctors Coupe", the Hummer H2 could be called the Douchebags Wagon. Am I right?

  4. HTWHLS Avatar

    Cool ride…needs flames.

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