Craigslist: Bitchin’ ’62 Power Wagon

A few months ago I spotted this Power Wagon and was immediately floored by its awesomeness. It’s so perfectly imperfect. It’s beat without being crap. It’s cared for but not loved. It’s used but not abused. It’s what every new truck wants to be when it’s retired. And now I spotted it again, on Craigslist.

power wagon for sale side

From Craigslist:

1962 Dodge Crew Cab Power Wagon – 43k miles – $18,000
1962 Dodge W200 Crew Cab Power Wagon
– Daily driver; starts and runs well, goes down the highway at 75mph (I’ve hit 85 on a GPS)
– Originally used at Kalispell Air Force Base until it closed in ‘78
– Then sold to Marion Montana volunteer fire department and used as a brush truck through the ‘80s. They painted it red and threw the 360 in it.
– Then it sat in a field in Idaho until 2019 when I bought it
– Just under 43k on the odometer, believed to be original
– Never seen a salted road. Body and frame are very solid. Passenger side rocker panel is beat up from its days as a brush truck, but not from rust/rot. Bed floor is beat up from years of work, but again, not rusted. Most of the old rubberized undercoating is still in place. The front floors were rusty and were cut out and replaced.
– Wiring is generally clean and unhacked
– Pretty much everything works as it should; all lights work, doors open and close nicely, windows go up and down nicely, brakes are great, e-brake works great, power steering makes things easier, PTO winch works (but isn’t wound with cable)
– Clean MA title in hand

Some of the work done in the last few years:
– Full stainless dual exhaust (headers back)
– Rebuilt 4bbl Edlebrock carb (has a slight vacuum leak when cold that I am trying to find/fix)
– New intake manifold
– Seats professionally rebuilt and reupholstered
– Front floor pans
– Brakes all around including lines, MC and proportioning valve
– Wheel bearings all around
– Suspension (4” lift)
– Tires (37”) and wheels (17”)
– Dana 60 front end out of a ‘70s W200 with power steering and disk brakes
– NP435 out of a newer Dodge (leaks a little out of the PTO and is sometimes hard to get into 2nd)
– U joints all around
– Fluids everywhere
– Vinyl carpet kit
– Gas tank blasted and sealed
– All tune up parts
– Windshield and gasket
– Radiator
– Clutch master and slave cylinders
– New class 4 hitch

Known issues/things it could use:
– Fuel gauge has been sent off to be rebuilt. TBD on how successful that will be. Fuel gauge powers the temp gauge, so neither are functional right now, but if the rebuild works, they’ll both be up and running.
– Front door weather seals should be replaced
– Horn button needs to be hooked up (horn works and all wiring is in place)
– I removed the heater box to install electric heat, but haven’t done that yet
– Needs battery cables (they’re just beat up and missing the clamp bolts, so they come loose sometimes)
– Clutch slips a little, but not bad. I’m going to adjust it.
– Lots of holes in the roof from various lights, etc. over the years, but all are filled with silicone and do not leak
– No major leaks, but the transfer case and transmission each leave a drop every few days
– Tires rub at full lock
– Slight vacuum leak at carb when cold that I am going to look into today
– The only Bondo I know of is on the left rear door and was done way before I got it

I’m sure there is tons of stuff that I am forgetting. If you’re serious, please reach out. I have tons of photos and endless information on this truck.

Would consider partial trades for another classic car, truck, van or motorcycle.

power wagon for sale interior

Because the world is insane now I have no idea if this is a good for price for this vehicle. On one hand, it seems original, has low mileage, and has a history. On the other hand, it’s it’s perfectly far from perfect. I can’t call it. But damn it’s awesome. Fuck, I want this so badly…

Source: Boston Craigslist
power wagon for sale rear

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5 responses to “Craigslist: Bitchin’ ’62 Power Wagon”

  1.  Avatar

    The history and mods make it neat, but by Zeus are those ugly trucks, and it’ll always be the truck from that one scene in Christmas Vacation, tailgating Clark Griswold.

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    I can see the Mad Max-like appeal of this, but can’t help but wonder about situations like this one. What is the plug sticking out up front? A…gender part?

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Tow hitch, or maybe some sort of extension

      1. OA5599 Avatar

        The visible part is a receiver extension. Just past the bumper, it necks down so that it will attach to a frame mount that has a 2″ square inside dimension.

        Looks like the ad got taken down already. I guess that was a quick sale. I found one halfway across the country that’s more barn-find than turn-key (and not a crew cab) that I’ve been trying to resist, and the fact this one is gone isn’t making things any easier on me.

  3. Rick Hardy Avatar
    Rick Hardy

    Nice, perfect!
    Is it still available?

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