Copy Mr. Mad_Science and Get a Falcon of Your Own

1965 Falcon for sale
Looks familiar
After an extended garage stay involving a clutch, shocks, front disc brakes, and shifter rebuild, the Mad_Science Falcon is back on the road in full commute (and car show!) mode. After a few weeks back in action, I can say it’s very nearly a perfect answer to today’s Hooniverse Asks. There has been one minor complication: the day before I was planning on replacing the distressingly old and cracked tires, the sidewall of the right-front decided to bite the dust. On the I-5 freeway. Pulling over (being pulled, really) to the side of the road, I came to learn two things. One, a ’64 Falcon has no hazard light switch. Two, while the disc brakes I put on the front fit under 14″ wheels, they do not fit under the 13″ spare. Arg. Spare on the back, back on the front, and I’m good to go. Anyway, if you’re interested in looking stylish whether stranded on the side of the road or not, I firmly believe a ’64 or ’65 Falcon is a great way to go. Here’s your chance to make that happen for not a lot of dough.

1965 Falcon for sale

Today’s example is sporting a swapped-in 302 and “C5” (sic, probably means C4) combo, upgraded wheels and tires, pretty paint and a squeaky clean interior. You’ll lose points for the slushbox, but chances are very strong it’s faster in a straight line. If you want to add some Hoon cred, you could set up that C4 with a full manual reverse valve body.

There’s a day left in the auction, with an unmet reserve at a little over a grand. The Buy It Now’s at $5500, which is more than I spent (but not by much) to buy mine, but only if you don’t count the work I just did. In other words: a dang good deal. Source: eBay Motors Update: It auction ended with a steal of a deal at $3,300.

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