Cop this armored-up all-wheel-drive Dodge Charger Hellcat

I’ve always been oddly attracted to the police version of random vehicles. A perfect modern daily driver in my eyes? It would be a Caprice or full pursuit-spec Explorer. Or the Dodge Charger Hellcat modified by Armormax for police pursuit duty.
According to MotorAuthority, Armormax has taken the 707-horsepower Hellcat and converted it to wear ballistic armor protection, police-spec lighting, and underbody protection. There’s a set of bull bars up front, which are perfect for a well-placed PIT maneuver. The most interesting upgrade, however, is that now this Hellcat sends out its power to all four wheels.
Yes, you can buy an all-wheel-drive Charger. You cannot buy an all-wheel-drive Hellcat Charger though, but Armormax has found a way around that problem.
What the company have created is the greatest all-weather highway cruiser. I’d ditch the matte black paint work for some standard police-spec gloss black. Maybe also spec some modified steel wheels as well. But that’s it.
… I spaced out there for a second. I was day dreaming about blasting down the 405 with this thing and finally getting people to move out of the left lane of the highway.
I really need this car in my life.


  1. The Jeep Trackhawk is the best Hellcat because it is all-wheel-drive.
    This is the bestest Hellcat, because all-wheel-drive.
    I wanna see pics of this driveline.

  2. The precinct that buys one of those will start every day with elimination rounds of rock-paper-scissors.

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